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Bristol Rovers: Wild Al was waterlogged… with scrumpy

Wild Al managed to get to the County Ground for the 13.30 kick-off and visit of Bristol Rovers. Fortunately a second-half abandonment meant he didn’t need to remember any of the detail for this report… Bristol has given the world lots – Massive Attack, for instance. Of course the earnest trip-poppers never transcended cult status, nor appealed to anyone but beardies and girls who

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That’s Better

Seven days ago I wrote of disappointment and frustration over an FA Cup defeat at Cheltenham. As we know a week is a long time in anything, be it politics, or life generally. You just never know what the next few days will bring. That was certainly the case in one of the most enthralling football matches I’ve seen in

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A November Night in Bristol

Following Swindon’s 1-0 win and the terror of Nathan Thompson jumping, Matt Arnold imagines what happened on a November night in Bristol. Monday 17th of November 2014. A suburb of Bristol, some what later than scheduled, a car pulls into a drive outside an ordinary family house. It’s arrival immediately clocked from behind a twitching curtain, and it’s occupant’s interrogation

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