Nathan Thompson, Bristol City and the leap

Fallout from the weekend game with Bristol City continues with reports that Wiltshire Police are reviewing evidence after post-match celebrations…

“Wiltshire Police are currently reviewing all the evidence following the Football League match between Swindon Town and Bristol City on Saturday 15th November. We are working with both Swindon Town Football Club and the Football League in order to establish, if necessary, the suitable course of action.”

Read any Bristol City forum following the 1-0 Swindon Town victory and you’ll read plenty of complaints and consternation following the weekend’s fixture.

Away from condemning the red card, plenty of focus at City has been placed on Nathan Thompson’s magnificent final whistle leap into the air with both arms raised in celebration facing towards the Stratton Bank. With this splendid effort on seeking advice on how to make a complaint; presumably the FA, Wiltshire Police, the UN or their own grandmothers.

With many City supporters forgetting they own a photo mug of Scott Murray’s celebratory lap around Ninian Park and then wasting Police time by completing this form, Wiltshire Police released their statement, as some action of sorts.

The views expressed by a significant number of City supporters is perhaps the latest sad step towards the sanitation of football. Passion, pride, fight and desire are being slowly expunged from our footballing dictionary as we’re being told to sit down, shut up, buy a burger meal deal, watch 90 minutes of football and then go home.

We’re rivals – although not each other’s fiercest foes – which is what makes watching the match so enthralling and resulted in nearly 3,000 of City fans traveling over here. What is a rivalry without passions running high and tensions bubbling over? Our actions will piss City off, their actions will piss us off. These are the certainties of the game. It is normal.

If City win the return fixture, I’m sure they’ll gladly rub our noses in defeat. Perhaps Wade Elliott will launch a measured verbal tirade towards Jack Stephens, before a dash towards the Town fans leading in him continuing his celebrations, jumping even higher than Thompson did while pumping his first in the air. Are City fans telling me that they don’t want him, or Aden Flint, to do this and show some passion and pride over one of their rivals..?

The header image was found on Twitter its origin / photographer is unknown 


  • Nasty old Nathan, upsetting the delicate sensibilities of those poor little Brizzle fans. He should be nicer, you know how sensitive they are and he probably made a lot of them cry.

    Let’s hope he’s more sensitive and doesn’t upset the pratts too much when we stuff them on Easter Monday.


  • Professional footballers should celebrate in front of their own fans and have a bit of respect for opposition fans. That includes Scot Murray. Yet another example of how classless our national game has become.


  • how did that work out for you lads? bottled the return fixture and bottled the PO final

    Stand up for the champions


    • stevehallsydney

      Congratulations on your promotion. And nice to know you’re still so threatened by us that you feel the need to gloat. Sad really.

      Bristol University graduate and lifelong Swindon fan


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