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  • Mcmahon top 9 ! now im worried. Do you not think the weighting attributable to cup games is too great a proportion of the overall score? Comparing managers cup records is not fair as the opposition is a random draw.
    From what he inherited to the state he left us in, to be ranked above Bert Head whose legacy was long and glorious is galling.

    Great Blog, keep it up


    • I completely agree with what you are saying about Bert’s legacy compared to McMahon’s, however in using this statistical approach I’ve tried to remove subjectivity from the assessment.

      In terms of Bert, he’s no higher because of 4 mediocre years in Division Three, so taking his reign as an average he performed much worse than Macca.

      Whilst you, I and every Swindon fan hates Macca, he did do relatively well. More on him later in July….

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog


  • Di Canio’s post match comments re Flint’s injury seemed to be a thinly disguised veil of complaint about Kate Cady & team.

    Do some digging mate, there’s a story worth uncovering there….;-)


  • Kate Cady’s departure was inevitable after all that’s gone on over the last couple of months. If what I’ve heard is true, and it is from a very reliable source, then the way that she has been treated by Di Canio is appalling. I understand that Kate has been paid off by the club, no doubt part of the agreement is that she keeps her mouth shut.


    • I’d love to get to the bottom of this decision, because that’s what it is, to get Cady out of her job so Di Canio can bring in his own man.

      I do not believe for one moment that she walked.

      Let’s hope she’s able to speak her mind if she wants to…


  • Competition time:

    Who said “There’s no place for women in football”?

    answers on a postcard…..


  • Why will Swindon not sign any other loan players from West Ham?

    1. Abdulla got injured – a dead leg
    2. Swindon’s medical staff treated him incorrectly, making the problem worse
    3. West Ham blew their top
    4. West Ham recalled Montano
    5. West Ham told Swindon ‘never again will we loan you a player’


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