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We love to hear from Swindon Town fans and add to the growing number of contributors who submit articles to TheWashbag.com.

TheWashbag.com is the place for you to express your opinion on any football related topic that you have strong thoughts about. By doing so, you’ll generate a response from other passionate Town fans and share space on the site with others who love to write.

Ben Wills is currently studying journalism says “The Washbag gave me my first break in sport journalism and I know I’m not the only one that applies to.”

Throughout the past five years over 70 Swindon Town supporters have contributed to TheWashbag.com. During this time we’re proud that several have used the site as a first step towards a career in journalism – like Andrew Steele-Davis (FLICWiltshire), Adam Johnson (Perform Sports Media) and Tom Otrebski (club Press Officer). And who knows…maybe writing for us will be your first step towards becoming a professional sports writer..?

“The Washbag gave me my break and a platform to get my writing out there. Vital part of STFC landscape” Andrew Steele-Davis FLICWiltshire’s Sports Editor

If you’re interested then here’s the type of articles you may want to submit…

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When we publish your article we’ll promote your Twitter, email and blog links within your articles as we thrive to give our writers as much exposure as possible.

Unfortunately, we are not in position to pay writers for any content.


  • Hi, you left me a message on Twitter about writing for your blog.
    I am pretty new to blogging but would love to write for you.
    Also, thanks for the link for my blog and will add your link to my blog.


  • Hi,

    If seeing around 30-40 live games in 32 years – during which time I’ve been living in Sydney – qualifies me to contribute to The Washbag I’d love to give it a go. Like many infant prodigies, my life has been blighted by early success, followed by years of subsequent disappointments.

    I refer of course to my early football life – from my first game at the County Ground as a recent arrival in the sissie south from the seething metropolis of Hartlepool in September 1963 (to support Sunderland, who lost 1-0), through England winning the World Cup three years later (I was at four of the games including the quarter final win over Argentina); to Swindon’s 67-68 cup run, the League Cup win, promotion, beating Roma, winning the Anglo-Italian cup, beating Liverpool – and then the gradual demise, just missing promotion in 69-70, the a******* Dave Mackay helping to destroy the team, then years of disappointment and relegation that drove me to the antipodes in 1979. As well as Maggie Thatcher.

    Not to mention the (still unpaid) parking ticket I received at the last home game of the 78-79 season vs Gillingham (3-1 to us).

    So if fond, if semi Alzheimer obscured, memories from the 60s and 70s are of interest, plus a devoted following from the other side of the world, getting to as many games as I can on business trips and holidays, the occasional TV game and listening to games on Radio Wiltshire via the web qualify me, I’ll be happy to try my ageing hand at writing.

    I can’t compete with your incisive analysis but I do know a verb from a noun and an Oxford fan from a moron (not a very easy task to distinguish between them).


  • Living here in Victoria, British Columbia doesn’t allow me to attend many matches, but I really enjoy the Washbag podcasts as it allows me to hear fan opinions on the matches, players, manager, etc. and be much more knowledgeable, and to feel like I’m back home. Thank You.

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