Thanks for your feedback to our survey

Thank you to all our readers who completed our recent survey about The Washbag. Plenty of comments were made and questions asked, so I thought I’d reply to some…

In response to the question asking what new features we could publish you commented:

More stats you used to do really good articles with them more regular

I agree. However, I had several spreadsheets of data compiled for the division and this needed to be updated after every game. That was difficult to do, plus I started to question the quality of some of the data.

Maybe a transfers section

Transfer rumours would be good, also some assessment of upcoming opposition.

I struggle to keep up-to-date with transfers, also, I must admit I never read the transfer rumour sites. Frequently when Town are linked with a player I’ve never heard of them, despite subsequently seeing many on Twitter etc proclaiming this deal had been in the offing for several weeks. In the end, rumours are only rumours, so I’ve leave those to someone else.

A financial section – potentially not easy but one that could help understand if Mr Power is doing what he states (Think he is) but also to try and figure out whether Jed was in it for a quick £100k or so. Helps us know if we are going to get relegated or points deducted.

We always try to cover the club’s finances. The problem in recent years has been a change to auditing rules and the amount of information small businesses with a low turnover are only required to provide Abbreviated Accounts to Companies House. As a result, its incredibly difficult to come to any conclusions concerning the detail of the financial situation as it no longer has to be reported. As for Jed, I think everyone can draw their own conclusions.

Analysis of both attacking and passive possession

I’ll throw this idea one over to Alex Cooke to delve into…

More news on League 1 or whatever league we are in.

Its never been the intention that this site is a news outlet, others are better placed to provide this function. I struggle to keep tabs on news at Swindon Town let alone the rest of the league.

What some of our ex-players are doing now. Start with League cup winners then teams that have won the league, then play off winners

Good idea, although I’ve no idea where they are. I’ll better start researching!

In response to your ‘other comments’…

As a overseas supporter I really appreciate the effort that goes into The Washbag. Maybe some feature that connects or at least highlights where other overseas supporters are would be useful.

Thank you. Great suggestion, I’ll think about how to connect in some way, maps are useful…

Something about safe standing. More overtly ‘left’ stuff, anti racist, anti sexist, anti homophobia etc.

We’ve written plenty about safe standing and have even carried out a survey, met with the club and reported the results to Supporters Direct and the Football Supporters Federation. However, that was a few years ago, so we’ll take another look at safe standing later this year. As for anti racist etc stuff, we can only report our experiences – such as Joe Young’s article about sexism in football from earlier this year. If you’d like to write something then get in touch

Just remember those of us out of the Swindon bubble!

Yes, that’s why we are here!

Really enjoy your site – an excellent contrast to the bland output from other stfc sites and local news agencies. keep it up please

Thanks, I’m sure Total Sport, FLIC and Swindon Advertiser will be delighted with this seal of approval!

I think the Washbag has really nailed its niche. It’s a fan based site that uses fans to write articles. Thus we get a wide variety of writers and articles and views all in one place. It doesn’t have an axe to grind like others (you know who). It feels like there is a connection between the site and the fans that others can’t replicate.

Well after starting this site as a personal blog, I’ve been delighted how it’s grown to be a focus for supporters writing about the club. The site wouldn’t be what it is without the contributors and regular writers. If anyone is interested in contributing to the site then please get in touch via this link.

Very good informative and easy to find your way around. Love the podcasts

You need some Indian involvement. Particularly with the podcasts.

Thanks, sorry the podcasts have been intermittent over the last six-months. They will return to a regular feature for 2015/16.

You said select one. But washbag is funny, irreverent, different and interesting in equal portions

The majority (36%) answered ‘interesting’.

Please bear in mind that there are people who, like myself, live abroad (S.W. France) use The Washbag column to keep abreast of happenings at the club. I first watched The Town as a 9 year old living in Cirencester, in season 1952/53. I last saw them play during Steve McMahon’s stewardship. Over the last 60 plus years I have been a season ticket holder and in the early days of their existence, forth official (never required). During that time I have never lost my wish to see them be top of the “pile” and will always carry that hope.

Happy to help to keep you up-to-date with current events at the County Ground. If you’re ever interested in writing an article(s) about your experiences of watching Town then please get in touch

Sometimes you are too bias in your views. Not just Swindon bias, which I understand. But in your own anger or hatred of something/someone, this usually comes across as very unprofessional and has put me off reading your site.

This site is unprofessional by its very nature…

I find the most interesting feature is the opposing view from an opposition fan before a game. The most frustrating feature is the hall of shame, where certain favoured contributors can impose their personal prejudices. Any candidate for entry should be voted upon and require a 66 percentage to be placed on the list. Eg Eric sabin , Alan O’Brien

The Hall of Shame is open to all, and their personal prejudices. Nominations can be made via this link.

As for voting, I’ve never had any intention on making the Hall of Shame being a democratic process. If a contributor can convince me a certain entry justifies being inducted then that’s enough as far as I’m concerned. Votes have been used sparingly to decide which defeat under Malpas or which is the worst kit, but those sought to determine only the first from those categories to be inducted.

Keep up the good work.

Love the Washbag. Keep up the excellent work.

Keep up the great work!

I enjoy visiting the site, the content is usually very good.

Ah, shucks… I’m blushing…

One comment

  • Happy to do something on ‘active and passive possession’ but it’s pretty subjective really: if you like possession football then you see it as active, if you don’t you see it as passive’. Just think of Jose and his idea of ‘resting on the ball’.


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