Swindon Town 2014/15 Review – Match of the Season

In the second part of our 2014/15 season review, five writers give their verdict on the match of the season and we ask for your vote on their nominations…

David Squires @squires_david

Match of the season – The goalless draw at Crewe in February showed a steely pragmatism, but I’d say it’s just pipped by the 5-5 draw with Sheffield United – the most thrilling match in a generation. That level of excitement/dread/terror/relief isn’t healthy for a man of my body mass index.

Nick Judd @nickjudd78

Match of the season – Everyone will plump for the 5-5, so I’ll go with the away leg. It looked as though we were going to get annihilated in the opening 20 minutes. To not only come back into the game, but win it, showed a maturity I’ve not seen from this team. Gave great hope for the second leg, and a welcome surprise after a disappointing run in. The City win was fun, too.

Iain Watkins @mightygwah

Match of the season – Sheffield United at home.  Both of them.  The first one showed exactly what this team was capable of.  The second one was just mental.

Jonny Leighfield @jonnyleighfield

Match of the season – Play-off Semi final second leg. Swindon Town 5 Sheffield United 5. Need I say more?

Daniel Hunt @dphunt88

Match of the season – The Sheffield United 5-5 in the play-offs was a freak game – everything that’s wonderful about football – but for atmosphere and local importance, I’m plumping for the 1-0 victory over Bristol City back in November as my game of the season. The County Ground was rocking and the sending off of Wade Elliott after 90 seconds for backwards head-butting Jack Stephens lit the fuse! Within minutes, Scott Wagstaff could have followed Elliott down the tunnel as City lost their heads completely.

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