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Managers Month: Lou Macari’s red & white army

No.7 | Lou Macari | Manager July 1984 to July 1989 | Score 348.1 For the past few weeks Lou’s name has been frequently mentioned as a potential no.1 in this countdown, so the fact that he joins outside the top five may be a surprise for some. You may remember my rationale whereby points gained are multiplied by a division factor, so given Macari’s points are spread in three divisions, including two

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Managers Month: Steve McMahon

No.8 | Steve McMahon | Manager Nov 1994 to Sept 1998 | Score 340.7 Taking over from the sacked John Gorman in November 1994, the board, more specifically Rikki Hunt, got his man. The appointment returned Town to leadership by a central midfield player manager with international experience, a formula that had worked so well previously. However from these high hopes Steve McMahon became one

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Managers Countdown: Roy Evans

No.9 | Roy Evans | Manager July to December 2001 | Score 326 I can hear you say What the f#@k! Roy Evans is number eight! First off I would have never put Roy Evans as our eighth most successful manager. However, as his statistics will show, Roy’s short tenure of 21 League matches epitomised the ‘average’ Swindon manager, which then added to his record

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Managers Countdown: Bert Head

No.11 | Bert Head | Manager October 1956 to July 1965 | Score 287.4 We’re kicking off the top ten with a true Swindon Town managerial legend and our second longest serving manager – Bert Head. Town had spent years in the doldrums, suffering from mismanagement and financial constraints, both culminating in management by a selection committee throughout 1955-56 and the inevitable

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