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Why administration is unlikely but the exit of Swindon’s backer Andrew Black is certain

Ron Smith and Alex Cooke explain how a £13 million debt and Andrew Black’s search for new investment isn’t news but remains essential for the future of the League One side. If you are looking for the perfect summary of yesterday’s needless panic about Swindon Town’s financial position, it is here, courtesy of former chairman, Jeremy Wray. “The club doesn’t

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Vic Morgan Blog: Sky Blue Thinking on Pitch and Boardroom

It’s Friday, so it must be time for the latest blog by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan. Picture the scene. Four people gather to record the latest “Washbag” podcast, reflect on a decent game against Coventry and discuss the financial implications of a transfer embargo. All pretty smooth sailing then. Looking forward to a week without football and a chance to

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Press Watch – Bury’s Blues, Sky Blues & Boardroom Blues

Welcome to Press Watch, the Washbag’s sideways glance at all things Town related in the media. If you see anything remotely concerning Swindon Town in the world’s media get in contact with me via Twitter @mrbraindown Controversy, this column thrives on it. So after spending the past two weeks trawling various websites and blogs for gossip and intrigue, it seems

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A Black day for Jeremy Wray as STFC Chairman is dismissed

With news of Jeremy Wray’s departure as chairman of Swindon Town and replacement with Sir William Patey, Ron Smith asks whether this change at the top is really a shock. In July, Paolo Di Canio’s greatest supporter, Jeremy Wray lost the Interim’ part of his job title, on Friday 12 October, he lost the ‘Chairman’ part too. And, according to

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