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Hall of Shame #1 Dave Mackay: The man who sold Don Rogers

The Hall of Shame kicks off as we induct former Swindon Town manager Dave Mackay. Mackay’s presence at the club caused instability from the start. His brief reign as manager from 1st November 1971 to 1st November 1972 ripped apart the 1969 League Cup winning side, sending Town on a downward spiral which took fifteen years to recover from. A legend at Hearts, Spurs

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Managers Countdown: Dennis Wise & Dave Mackay

I’ve reached Swindon managers No.24 Dennis Wise and No.23 Dave Mackay. Perhaps, like me initially, you had thought Wise and Mackay might have been higher in this countdown. Instead they’re both in the bottom third of my list of the good, the bad and the ugly Swindon managers throughout the years. No.24 | Dennis Wise | Manager May to October 2006

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