Podcast Episode 12: An Unsustainable Penalty…

Listen to the latest episode of TheWashbag.com Swindon Town FC Podcast.

TheWashbag PodcastRon Smith is joined by Sam Morshead – chief sports writer at the Swindon Advertiser – and returning former host Christopher Panks – TeamTalk Fanzone writer.

The three review an eventful play off semi-final tie with Brentford and penalty heartbreak, a brief three word reflection on the season, whether Simon Ferry and the other non-retained players should have been kept, and can Jed McCrory really operate Swindon Town sustainably and be successful at the same time? The podcast includes one of the crappiest STFC quizzes ever for which I apologise…

You can contact us by emailing thewashbag[at]gmail[dot]com

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One comment

  • Tranmere’s total wage bill for 11-12 was £2.2m; an educated guess would suggest the majority of that is on the playing budget rather than the 61 mainly part-time staff (stewards, ticket office staff, community coaches etc). Brentford’s football wages for 11-12 was £4.9m. It’s hard to see how either of them have slashed their wage bill dramatically from one season to the next, looking at the players in/out over the course of the year.

    These are easily verifiable figures just by doing a simple Google search. How on earth does one arrive at £800k and £2.5m-£3m respectively? I do not see any evidence for that whatsoever.


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