Swindon Town FC offer their support to Safe Standing trials

After we surveyed Swindon Town supporters for their views on safe standing at the County Ground redevelopment we then presented the results to the Club. We now have a response…

“Swindon Town is a club that prides itself on listening to its fans and when surveys such as the recent one run by ‘TheWashbag.com’ fan website indicate that 87% of Town supporters would welcome the introduction of a safe standing area as part of a redevelopment of the County Ground, we are naturally only too happy to have that debate and explore whether that is something that may be possible in the years ahead.

To this end Stadium & Operations Manager Mark Isaacs recently attended a presentation at Westminster on safe standing using the rail seats concept, to learn first-hand what is being proposed and might be available to the club in years to come.

Representatives of Aston Villa and Peterborough United, who were in attendance, requested the opportunity to be allowed to run small-scale trials of such safe standing areas.

As we believe that such trials would be useful for the football community as a whole in order to enable all concerned to take fully informed, evidence-based decisions on the possible wider introduction of such areas in the future, Swindon Town Football club fully supports Villa and Peterborough in their request to be allowed to run such trials.”

While not committing to trial safe standing themselves  the club’s response is clearly welcome news; as the Regulations restricting the introduction of safe standing can only change through the support of more clubs, the Football League, the Premier League, the police and regulatory bodies.

On this point, we’re proud that Swindon Town FC have now added their voice to the growing list of clubs in England and Scotland who’ve come out in support of the safe standing trials, which will hopefully take place later in 2013.

Since the publication of the survey we’ve been in contact with the Football Supporters’ Federation, who are leading the national Safe Standing Campaign and publicising the results of our survey and STFC’s support of the trials. The FSF have said:

“The FSF’s Safe Standing Campaign cannot succeed without on-the-ground action and support from fans and we’re pleased to say we got just that at Swindon Town.

“The club themselves have acknowledged that The Washbag’s survey played an important role in showing that there was a real appetite for a safe standing area at the County Ground. Well done to every involved – this is proof positive that fans can make things happen.

“To find out more about the FSF and how you can do that little bit more to support the Safe Standing Campaign please follow this link.”

Hopefully the trials being promoted by the FSF at Villa and Peterborough will give STFC and other clubs clear reasons to really press for the introduction of safe standing areas, which you considered should be located at the Town End, if they were allowed to do so…

AND for that to happen….

Please give your support to safe standing and sign the FSF’s Safe Standing Campaign petition TODAY!

Perhaps we could invite the FSF’s Safe Standing Roadshow down to the County Ground if enough supporters are interested in taking a look at their rail seats example and how it works…


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