Town v Bristol Rovers: An Abject First Half, Half Time Entertainment and Vincent…




I’ve not got much time, so here’s a few brief thoughts on the much needed victory over Bristol Rovers last night:

  1. By how much did we not deserve to go in at half time 1-0 up? “It was nip and tuck in the early part of the game, and they got on the ball a bit better than we did” – Is Danny Wilson deluded to believe Town’s first half performance was anything more than abject and not good enough? I’m sure he told some home truths in the dressing room at half time, but it’s time to be honest to the fans about our performance as the players don’t deserve the credit.
  2. The pitch at half time seemed busier than the stands with the usual kids missing the goal from 1 yard out and the Robinettes performing the same routine yet again, yes the same routine for the past 12 months! However last night turned into Britain’s Got Talent with yet another dance troupe, appropriately dressed as stewards, putting the North Koreans to shame with some Mass Games group dance routines. I’m surprised Simon Cowell didn’t turn up to join Andrew Fitton and Danny Wilson in the dugouts to cast judgement over the various acts! What next?…. Simon Ferry juggling monkeys?!
  3. Special praise must go to Vincent Pericard, although not for his goal which my nan could have scored. His awful movement, blind awareness and just plain laziness throughout the second half resulted in Vince being several yards offside and continually just not an option for a forward pass. This was perhaps the most frustrating and selfish performance from the Town no.9 so far. Sort it Out!
  4. Also, well done to David Prutton, who didn’t get booked or even dismissed after replacing JP MocGovern after 83 minutes. Start of a new era?
  5. I’ve yet to see a replay of the penalty incident, however I’m sure Lucas took the ball and Hoskins went down way too easy. Given that we won it’s a moot point, although a clean sheet would be nice.

In the end… a win is a win. Well done Town, there’s much harder tests to come…

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