Fitton & Co.

The Swindon Advertiser revealed on Monday that STFC Chairman Andrew Fitton is feeling a bit “disillusioned by a couple of things”. Latching onto this short comment, which incidentally was made straight after defeat to Millwall, the Adver ran an article in which it tried hard to find a reason for Fitton to question his future. Ultimately the article didn’t tell us anything.

This was a poorly judged attempt by the Adver to stir up things, all doom and gloom, particularly post Wembley.

The article might well have been titled..“We lost, now let’s be negative for no reason”.

Even if Fitton were to step down from his role as Chairman, this clearly isn’t the end of the world for Town. There is no need to unnecessarily worry Robins fans.


Fitton is one of 5 directors at STFC along with Nick Watkins (Chief Executive), Jeremy Wray, Andrew Black and Russell Backhouse. Fitton is one of three directors on the club’s parent company and the largest shareholder. He is one part of a wider consortium and the current figurehead.

In addition to Fitton and the directors, Sir Martyn Arbib is a significant shareholder. Arbib has reported fortune of  £325M.

Of course Fitton has been very popular through his appearances, BBC Wiltshire commentaries and more. These have reinvigorating his role and installed a new found belief in the management of our football club. However, even if he were to step down as chairman, either reverting to an investor or remaining as a director on the board, he is an individual and part of a consortium, where it is feasible that someone else can step up to take over the reigns. The end is not nigh for Fitton & Co.

It is also well worth remembering of the relative success over the past season and the wider view of Swindon Town as a good example of how to run a football club. So perhaps we are now in a position where Town are attractive to new investors?

So as I see it, it is not all as bad as we were being told by the Adver.

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