My Match: A Fairweather Town Fan’s View*

8.30am – Looking forward to the footie game later today. I haven’t been to the County Ground for quite some time. Actually…I think the last match was against Walsall and I tell you what…we got promoted that day, so I’m obviously a lucky omen. I watched the Exeter game on the telly, well I say watch.. I mean I Sky+ the game and fast-forwarded to the best bits. The wife is for once looking happy, although I’m not sure why as I’ll be out most of the day.

1.38pm – What’s better than a few pints of Fosters before the game. The guys did tell me earlier this week they’ll be at the game, but I get a call whilst at the pub. Bloody typical! They’re now not coming along so I’m by myself. I mean there’re hardly loyal supporters, unlike me.

2.20pm – It’s only £20 for a new shirt. “Great bargain considering they’ll be wearing this in Division One next season” I say to the girl serving in the shop. She gives me a blank look back. I’m all kitted out for the match so I’m off to buy my ticket.

2.33pm – Got a seat in the North Stand. It’s a good seat as well in the middle and towards the top.  It seems fairly quiet up here.

2.45pm – Jonny Douglas gets the Player of the Season award. I’ve heard he’s played well this season, but not as good as Austin surely?

3.01pm – I’m glad I picked up that programme on my way in. I can’t understand these squad numbers and I’m not sure who anyone is. Guy next to me complains about Pericard being no.5, although not sure why as he’s not playing today.

3.08pm – “GET IN!” We’re Going Up!!!! Good old Billy scores. “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss”

3.30pm – Brentford are crap. They’ve just missed their second clear chance. We’re going to walk this.

3.32pm – Our defence is awful. The twenty or so Brentford fans celebrate. Wilson needs to start changing things. “Get the ball forward…FORWARD!!”

3.35pm – OFF OFF OFF OFF!! The Ref books the Brentford guy for a handball but I’ve seen them given a straight red on the telly. I’m getting some funny looks from the bloke next to me. I seem to be the lone voice up here. I thought this was the rowdy stand??

3.45pm – 2-1 to Town just before half time as Wardy scores from 10 yards out. I know it’s nearly half time as I’m like Alex Ferguson, timing everything. Oh wait… it’s beeping… and yes the official signals for 1 minute added time.

3.47pm – I’m glad I brought my radio. Half time scores are promising with Millwall losing and Charlton / Leeds drawing. I should have remembered to bring some headphones.

4.00pm – Those Rockettes are back out on the pitch. They only seem to have the one routine, but I’m not bothered!

4.17pm – Franky Boy crosses in and Paynter heads in to get his second!!!! “We Are Going Up, We Are Going Up!!” Might get that second place now?

4.19pm – What the hell is going on with our defence. Brentford get a second in farcical defending. Jean-Claude Francois cocks up and Greener isn’t getting tight, why isn’t that other Scottish bloke playing?

4.30pm – Finally Austin comes on for Franky Boy. Those blokes on Sky Sports say Austin is the best striker outside the Premier League. “CHARLIE, CHARLIE AUSTIN!”

4.44pm – Some Brentford bloke is down injured. There must be about 20 fellas in luminous green jackets just stood around him doing nothing. They can’t even decide which stretcher to cart him off on. It’s taking bloody ages. Might as well get out the radio again. Leeds are losing!

4.49pm – Stopwatch goes off again. Must be the end of 90 mins. AT LEAST EIGHT MINUTES TIME ADDED ON!

5.04pm – Finally the end of the game. I’m getting hungry. Great result. Announcer confirms Leeds and Millwall both lose so there is all to play for next week. Can’t be arsed to go to Millwall, hope they put it on Sky. We’ll probably just lose anyway. Going to Wembley might be fun though….

5.58pm – Arrive home to an unusually cheerful wife, she says I should go more often. She might have a point. So I might make the effort to go with Dave to some Chelsea games next season.

* According to Aaron Smith and in no part inspired by the bloke sat next to me today 🙂

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