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A November Night in Bristol

Following Swindon’s 1-0 win and the terror of Nathan Thompson jumping, Matt Arnold imagines what happened on a November night in Bristol. Monday 17th of November 2014. A suburb of Bristol, some what later than scheduled, a car pulls into a drive outside an ordinary family house. It’s arrival immediately clocked from behind a twitching curtain, and it’s occupant’s interrogation

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The Easter interference…

A further development in the ownership saga at Swindon was revealed on Good Friday with news that “three observer directors have been appointed to the club” by the Courts and Seebeck87 Ltd later stating they are the owners of the club, not Lee Power’s ‘Swinton Reds20’. Matt Arnold tries to make some sense of how the situation has arisen…

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Now’s the right time to embrace the fans’ Power

Matt Arnold believes that supporter representation in the corridors of power at the County Ground is not only an aspiration we should all hold, but it is also a workable solution to increase transparency between clubs and their supporters. When I read Vic Morgan’s blog ‘Supporters representatives let’s have a heated debate’, I was reminded of another heated debate. It

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