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The Overseer Column: ‘Cheltenham Average’

The Overseer Column returns. Warning: The following may contain traces of nuts. Our opposition’s shirt sponsor evoked memories of the TV advertising campaign many moons ago; “You’ve gotta admire a Mira”. To say that Swindon were a shower in their League Two outing against CTFC would be overly harsh. Nevertheless you could argue that somebody somewhere must’ve dropped the soap

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Farce! Cheltenham v Swindon is back on

There is only one way to describe yesterday’s events…what an absolute farce! At 4pm we were all told the most fierce derby in world football was postponed as the Gloucestershire Constabulary couldn’t muster enough resources to police the match. Yet six hours later thankfully some common sense had prevailed owing to a persistent campaign by football supporters of both Swindon and Cheltenham on Twitter

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