Vic Morgan: Campaign of calamity

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

Just one game to go before this wretched season is put to bed. In my half century of watching the Town, there can have been few years that have rivalled this one for downright disappointment.

Last Saturday’s defeat by Scunthorpe summed it up. For the most part outplayed and out thought with a brief rally in the final few minutes giving you the feeling that it might be a different result. In the end it was the inevitable. Just like the season.

There have been worse times no doubt. The early Eighties was a low point, as were the numerous occasions when we’ve hovered on the brink of financial oblivion. Many will remember a Tuesday night at Brentford when we found out the club was twenty minutes away from having the plug pulled only for a deal to be struck. However for tedium, this one takes the biscuit.

The endless passing the ball around in our own half of the field or on the edge of the penalty area allowing the opposition to set themselves up has been difficult to watch. It’s been said there’s been a lack of atmosphere at the County Ground this season. Not hard to work out why is it? When there’s nothing to get excited about why would you?

It all led to a pretty awful afternoon against the Iron. Frustration among the fans has been growing for weeks and that feeling came to the fore last weekend. The campaign of calamity has been one let down after another.

We heard before Christmas that we had a new director of football. Tim Sherwood, once of Tottenham and Aston Villa, would bring his footballing knowledge to the role and all would be well. How did that go then? We then find out that it wasn’t a job and wasn’t what it said on the tin, or is it Tim?

What we hate as supporters is to be embarrassed by our club whether on or off the field. That’s the feeling right now. Some weeks ago I said there must be clear communication between the powers that be and us, you know the ones that put our faith in our team.

I asked for a simple message of where we might be headed without any pie in the sky promises. What is the plan for our football club? The owner says he’s not going anywhere so now is the time to speak. Will there be investment in the side for next season? Will we build a team good enough to get out of League Two, not as easy as some may say, and will we make permanent signings rather than rely on a handful of loan players from on high. We need answers to many questions now.

We’re asked to pay our money week after week to watch a side that’s simply not been good enough and yet we have no idea of what the club’s ambition is, if any. It has to change or the downward spiral will continue. One more game to go and then we can wave goodbye to this awful season. Thank goodness for that.

I know it’s difficult right now but keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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