Vic Morgan: Iron will…

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

Saturday sees the final home game of this miserable campaign. The visit of the Iron could be our last match at the County Ground in League One for….well who knows? Scunthorpe are a side that have scored freely against us recently. Ten goals conceded in the last two visits, that doesn’t add up to much in the way of confidence.

So, good job we’re at home then. Or is it? We’ve one big problem and that’s scoring wherever we play. I can’t help drawing comparisons with a previous relegation campaign where a three one win over Gillingham on a Tuesday night seemed to be lifting us to safety only for the dreaded drop to occur. History may well be repeated after our victory by the same scoreline against the Gills a few weeks back.

Why is this happening? We’ve simply not been good enough to compete at this level. You don’t get relegated because of bad luck, you go down because you’re one of the worst four teams in the league. It’s as simple as that.

Monday’s game at Walsall was the season in a nutshell. Plenty of possession leading to hardly any chances and shots on goal being as rare as a year without an election. It’s not rocket science. If you concede more than you score you loose games. That’s how it is.

I suppose we’ll turn up to the Scunthorpe game hoping for a last chance of the miracle that failed to happen over Easter. If the evidence of our last home game against Wimbledon is anything to go by, it’s unlikely. If you go down with a fight ok. If you get relegated with hardly a shot fired in anger, then don’t ask for understanding from supporters who’ve endured a dull and relentlessly poor few months.

Yes, I’m fed up and angry. I don’t want this club to go back to the League basement. It’s better than that. Ask any Swindon fan where we should be and a tilt at promotion to the Championship would be the very least we’d expect.

I understand that putting a club in financial trouble while chasing a dream is all too easy these days, but having half a team full of loan players who know they won’t be here next season no matter what, doesn’t a solid side build. We really need to see over the next two games that a Swindon shirt means something to those who wear it, if it doesn’t then thanks for being here but goodbye.

Whatever happens those who follow the Town through thick and very thin will be there next season supporting our team. Please, those players selected to play against the Iron, show us you care. We do.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

One comment

  • Our main problem has been management, or lack of it! Head coach isn’t the same as manager.
    You can have all the possession you want, but if your team gets a nose bleed everytime they get near the opposition goal, then you aren’t going to win a raffle no matter a match.
    We lack a strong spine and a playmaker, a striker/strikers who are consistent.
    Anyone knows you plan to YOUR teams strengths. Playing to cancel out the opposition is as bad as playing for a draw.
    Mr power wanted to control team selection and tactics, that’s why we have a head coach and not a manager. Well, it’s not worked Mr power. Businessman you are, manager you aren’t! Accept it and get one in for next season.
    I went to my 1st game in 69 aged 7. Only missed one season, the prem league season, as was away in the army. This season, I stopped going, as I can find better things to do with £25 than waiste it watching clueless, passionless rubbish.

    Rant over!


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