Vic Morgan: Not quite Don for…

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

Bit of an afternoon that wasn’t it? Ninety minutes of watching paint dry would be pretty much up there to describe the game against AFC Wimbledon.

The most popular comment I heard throughout the game was “Aren’t we supposed to be trying to win this?” It was one of those matches that seemed destined either to finish as it did, goalless, or a sneaky last minute winner from the opposition who got what they came for, a point.

Frustrating though these games are, it’s the sort of match you have to take by the scruff of the neck. Sadly we couldn’t do that and two more precious points slipped away. Unlike the game against the other Dons last weekend, we couldn’t find a goal. On that occasion Jon Obika’s late strike earned a point when maybe we didn’t deserve one.

Defensively we look really solid at the moment, it’s at the other end where the problems lie. A leading scorer with six goals in the middle of April tells it’s own story. We just haven’t had the fire power to make a difference and the chances to score have been few and far between.

Nevertheless, we are just about still hanging on in there. The trap door to League Two which seemed open and ready to welcome us in three weeks ago, is now slightly ajar. It’s still possible to fend off the drop, but nothing less than a win at Walsall will do.

I suppose it’s the time of the year that miracles are supposed to happen. Well we need one now. Maybe playing away from home will suit us better. It’s up to the Saddlers to come and attack us and maybe we can use that to our advantage. Maybe, maybe not. What I do know is that the supporters making the journey to the West Midlands will expect nothing less than for us to have a go. No point in messing about. This is it.

Three games to go nine points to play for, have a go at winning all nine. Yes I know cloud cuckoo land is a lovely place where the sun always shines and chocolate eggs mean no calories. Let’s live there for a couple of days though and dream those dreams before harsh reality probably comes knocking at the door.

Let’s face it the last two home games haven’t given much to be optimistic about but the large female isn’t warbling yet. Anything less than a win on Monday and the first notes will be accompanying us along the motorway on the way home.

Here’s hoping for that miracle.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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  • We are already well beyond those first notes, Vic. They were being voiced when Power chose not to terminate Sherwood and Williams’ roles in January.

    Fair play to those making the trip to Walsall, mind and indeed keep it loud and proud for as long as the maths allow.


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