Vic Morgan: The late late blow…

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

First of all events in London this week put all things in perspective. Our thoughts are with those who’ve been injured or who’ve lost loved ones on Westminster Bridge and near to the heart of our democracy, the Houses of Parliament. I think most of us have been affected by such terror in our capital and in cities around the World. At times like this football seems insignificant, we wish the people who’ve suffered well.

I suppose then, Swindon’s current plight towards the foot of League One is of nothing to that news. However it’s my task to write this and so let’s reflect on the past few days as regards Swindon Town.

Another Saturday and another away defeat. This time two late goals pushed us ever closer to the seemingly inevitable relegation at the end of April. In spite of the fact that the Town had taken the lead just fifteen minutes from the end, it wasn’t enough to help us to victory. Sadly our inability to win matches is all down to our mental attitude, apparently. Something, I’m sure, most of us are fed up of hearing or reading about.

What we need over the next few weeks is some of the spirit we saw in the recent victories over Coventry and Gillingham. My, how long ago they seem now. I thought we did ok against Bradford City. Alright, we rode our luck and the home team missed several very presentable chances, but I certainly couldn’t find reasons to be despondent like after the defeats at Bury and Rochdale for example.

Where does that leave us? Well on the precipice that’s where. It seems almost certain now that we’ll be in League Two next term, reacquainting ourselves with places like Accrington, Grimsby, Barnet and Yeovil etc.

The task of winning six of the last seven matches seems impossible, bearing in mind our form this season. Looking at the remaining fixtures, it’s easy to see why the drop is likely. This weekend we host Millwall in an early Saturday kick off. Anyone who was at the New Den on Boxing Day will remember just how easily we were beaten by a strong home side. Can we get the points? Of course we can, but we’ll have to be at our best and cut out the errors that have dogged us throughout this entire miserable campaign.

As I wrote at the beginning, all this seems rather trivial in light of recent events. However we carry on. That’s what makes us stronger.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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