Vic Morgan: Vale of no fears…

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

It’s time for this weeks must win game. No really it is. Any other result on Saturday against Port Vale and you might as well get ready for those trips to places we used to visit. You know, the likes of Mansfield, Accrington Stanley and the like.

After the debacle of last weekend, because that’s what it was against Chesterfield, only a win will do at Vale Park. With games to come against Sheffield United, Bradford City, Millwall and Fleetwood in the next few weeks, three points is an absolute must.

So let’s get to it. No excuses, take the game by the scruff of the neck and attack a team that’s down in the dogfight with us.

Swindon, quite frankly, were toothless against the Spireites. Throughout the game did you ever think we’d win? No nor me. It was dross of the highest order. A game between two sides who deserve to be where they are. That means that this weekend Swindon have to show that they’re better than that and just win by whatever means necessary.

Some of us have continued our backing for the club by renewing season tickets. It was never a doubt for me, but now the club has to show some faith back. No more words, just some action please.

The recent two victories in a row were more like it, only for injuries to once again hit the squad. That can happen to any side but with such a thin veneer it’s difficult to paper over the many cracks in the Town’s season.

I don’t want anyone to fail at the County Ground. Not the owner, the director of football or head coach. If they fail then Swindon Town fails and I don’t want that. What I want is desire, commitment and passion from everybody concerned. If it doesn’t work out when you get those things, so be it. What I don’t want is a meek surrender to relegation.

Those of us who watch the team week in week out have suffered some stinkers this season. I’ve said it before, it’s difficult to remember a worse campaign in terms of entertainment. Now is the time to show your mettle and get the points we need.

I’m not knocking individuals because that never works and I find the recent treatment of some players unacceptable. How is barracking going to help a player? Answer, it’s not, it just makes them scared to try anything.

If we do our jobs as fans and support then we can expect everybody at the club to do theirs. If not, then let them know at the end of the season not now. In short I’m fed up with this season, I want it over with but I want Swindon Town to stay in League One.

If I had to deliver one message to our team it would simply be, get out there and play for that shirt, this club and those fans and don’t give up for one second. That must start this Saturday.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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