Vic Morgan: Dazed and confused

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

How can it be? How can Swindon Town be so close to dropping back into football’s basement?

When we climbed out of the cellar five short years ago, it was hoped we’d not be in danger of dropping back down again. Sadly that fear is now all too real.

The latest defeat on Tuesday night rather summed up our season. A penalty save from Lawrence Vigouroux kept us in the game, as he has so often this term, a defensive lapse saw us go behind, there was a brief fight back before ultimate disappointment.

Mind you, it was better than we’d seen at Bury on Saturday when we lost a turgid game to a penalty. At least against Northampton there was a brief moment of that word hope following a fine Luke Norris header. Three days earlier we went down with barely a whimper.

I think it was after the Bury match that most who’d travelled felt the drop was likely, on the way home on Tuesday most thought it inevitable.

As well as disappointment there’s a great deal of anger among those who watch the Town home and away. While some moan from afar, there are those who spend hours and many pounds watching the team fall ever closer to that trap door.

After a period of silence from the County Ground hierarchy, there have been a few statements emerging in the past few days. Of course we’ll support the club, it goes without saying, that’s what being a supporter is. It also means having a bit of faith in the way things are going.

I can tell you now that faith is being eroded with every defeat that comes along. Asking people to part with hard earned cash to watch the team means you have to give them something back. Right now not too many Swindon fans feel they’re getting much in return.

With the announcement about next years season tickets on the horizon, I’ve heard many say they won’t be renewing. That’s their choice and many times it’s said in a moment of frustration before they inevitably cough up. This time though I’ve a feeling some will mean it and that must be a real concern for the future of Swindon Town Football Club.

On Saturday we face another must win game, yes another. After recent matches there aren’t too many that have real confidence we’ll pick up three points against Oldham.

I don’t want to hear any more we’ll do it for the fans pronouncements, I want to see a win. You know, that thing that your team gets more goals than the opposition? Now is the time to step up, now is the time to show us what you’re made of and lift the gloom that’s descended on the County Ground.

To put it bluntly, we’re fed up with this rubbish season. It simply stinks. Put it right!

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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