Vic Morgan: We’re Owed One…

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

Now we know! This season is a monumental struggle against relegation. To be fair we’ve known that for some time, but with our team apparently struggling to be in front, or behind, the bottom four looms.

I’m not sure how we’re not in the League One basement now, it’s reassuring to know that four other teams are doing their best to keep us out of it.

Supporters’ anger after Sunday’s second half capitulation against the yellow team from along the A420 was understandable. The first half was decent and for once it looked like we may get one over our near neighbours.

Sadly though the pressure, reality or inability to beat local rivals came to the fore. It was truly depressing. So it’s like this, our team owes us one.

This Saturday at Bury is a huge game. Yes, another one. Defeat at Gigg Lane would make us look like favourites for the drop and with an away game to follow at Northampton, that depression would get worse.

I’ve heard many say that this is the worst season they can remember. Well it’s not great is it? I think we’ve had some that have been pretty awful, but in terms of entertainment and sheer hard work to watch, this has been a stinker in the truest sense.

I didn’t want to read how the players are hurting or that they’re determined to put things right. Just do it on the pitch! That’s were it counts. Not in an interview or a paragraph of meaningless words, but on the pitch!

That’s were we’re at now, time and games are running out and points need to be collected.

There’ll be a hardy few of us travelling to the north on Saturday hoping, as we always do, that the Town will deliver. It’s time to do so.

What was missing on Sunday was a real presence in midfield. Let’s hope that’s put right too. Is Rohan Ince fit or was he left out so other players wouldn’t be upset? Depends what you believe. Either way I can tell you the fans were upset in more ways that you can imagine.

That’s why we want to see a big improvement against the Shakers, nothing else will do. If we see that and the result doesn’t go our way then you can just about accept it.

Anything like that second half on Sunday would be unacceptable. Okay, it’s only football and there are far more important things going on in this crazy world to get angry about, but for those of us who support Swindon Town we care what happens to them. Let’s see that from those who wear the shirts this weekend.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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