Vic Morgan: Back down to earth…

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

Funny what difference a week makes… Well no not funny at all.

This time seven days ago I was waxing lyrical about the Town’s win at Bolton and how it made many moments of misery melt away. Hours on the road suddenly seemed worthwhile, it was one of the top memories of a desperate season.

All that changed just after half time against Peterborough. Just like the week before, Swindon conceded just after the break. Unlike against the Trotters though there was no coming back.

A cold January afternoon dragged by with little evidence of a Town goal and another depressing Saturday at the County Ground was gone. There’ve been too many this term. A lack of thrills and spills and too many poor results are leading to falling attendances.

Unless things dramatically change that’s a downward spiral that looks likely to continue. That’s what makes the next two games so crucial to Swindon’s season. Not only do they desperately need the points, good performances against two of our oldest rivals are essential to lift the current malaise.

I’m hearing and reading about increasing disillusionment amongst those who have given the team great support over the years. These aren’t glory hunters who tagged along during successful times, but genuine fans who love the red and white.

Why have we reached this stage? Quite simply they don’t feel they’re getting bang for their buck. What they’re watching doesn’t move them, it doesn’t stir the soul. As a fan you put up with the bad times as long as you can see some good in the future.

Right now? That doesn’t seem visible. I’m not here to knock the owner. I don’t run the club, I don’t pay the bills, I don’t have that financial responsibility. What I’ve said on many occasions though is that we need to hear what’s happening and what the plan is.

I’m not going to stop supporting Swindon Town I could never do that. I’ll be there through thick and thin.

What I, and fans like me, need to know is where we’re heading. It’s the owner’s prerogative to stay silent. After all Roman Abramovitch is hardly vociferous is he? The occasional words from on high would do wonders though in heading off frustration.

I live in Devon, I travel from Devon, I’d love to read the thoughts of those in power. It’s not asking the earth is it?

I’d love to think that we will win the games against Bristol Rovers and that team from along the A420. That would lift a bit of the gloom, wouldn’t it. If we play like we did at Bolton that’s well within our grasp, if we play like we did against the Posh!

Well, what do you think? For the next two weeks let’s get behind this team and leave other thoughts to one side. All that matters is our football club!


  • I can honestly say that coming home from matches (particularly midweek as I complete my 40 mile round journey), I sometimes wonder why I do it.

    I find myself thinking that one day there will come a day that I’m not at the County Ground for a home match.

    When that happens it will be for just the second time since 1985.

    And with that thought, comes the realisation that this happens to every Town supporter one day.

    Whether through age, ill health, bad planning, rescheduled fixtures, transport issues, weather, finances… something will one day transpire to stop me going to a match.

    And the world will keep on turning.

    I’ve watched Town on around 70 grounds, but not gone to an away match (except Wembley) for ten years. That’s through considered decision made on a match-by-match basis.

    But for home matches I currently make one decision a year. That’s to buy a season ticket… then I know I shall attend every home match again.

    If I only adopted my away game routine (BBC Wilts de rigueur) for home matches, I’d probably save money, time, frustration and heartache.

    It’s rarely enjoyable watching Town these days and I reckon I’ve stuck in my fair shift.

    If I made my home match attendance decision on a match-by-match basis It might cost me more money over the season if I still went evey match but I’d feel more in control.

    I could always decided to buy a season ticket again in the future.

    Or not.

    If even I am thinking like this, heaven help Swindon Town.


  • How can you support a club that does not communicate with the public.??
    How can you support a club that has no passion??
    How can you support a team that has no direction??.

    “Not a good advertisment is it”


  • Thanks for putting into words how many of us are feeling!!


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