The end of a love affair?

STFC007 joins more than several Town fans with doubts about renewing their love affair and season tickets for 2017/18…

I am so so sorry.

I cannot even begin to comprehend how you must be feeling right now.

It’s not just a single thing really and it’s not something that happened overnight either, but it’s just how I feel and have been feeling for some time now.

No, there’s not anyone else, never has been whilst I have been with you and I doubt there will ever be anyone like you.

I am really so so sorry.

I know we were meant to renew our annual vows, but I don’t feel it’s right. Not this time.

It’s not you, honestly, it’s me. It’s all down to me. Really.


What do you mean you don’t care and that someone else will replace me and take my seat in the next few months?




Arrgh! You know what? It’s not me at all!

It’s you. It’s you who changed. Not me.

Yes. There, I’ve said it.

There I was foolishly thinking how I could soften the blow trying not to hurt you too much.

What do you mean you have felt unsupported for such a long time? How can you say that?

I have followed you throughout the entire country for years and years.

Remember the time with all the flooding in Carlisle and you were there already? I drove for hours there and back just so I could see you.

Or the many times I thought I would not be able to see you because of all the traffic jams?

I didn’t care. Nothing could ever stop me from seeing you. It was always so worth it; we were so good together back then.

When we first met, I could not wait to see you again. I was longing for the weekend, counting the days just to catch a glimpse.

And when we were together, I would shout your name as loud as I could. It felt great; at least we were together, you and I.

But the last few years it seems you don’t care whether I am there or not. Recently I wrote you a letter which I personally dropped off and also emailed you, but you could not even bother to reply.

Well, in about 2 months time, I will be asked to once again renew our vows. I had my doubts last year, but then thought it was a blip, a rough patch many relationships go through, but now I know it’s more than that.

I know others are in long lasting relationships, but I can no longer pretend, hoping things may change and get better next year or the year thereafter.

I still like you, but I think I have fallen out of love with you.

Sparks should be flying when we are together, but instead I am thinking what else I could be doing instead when I am with you.

You may have noticed that recently I leave early; but it seems you don’t even care anymore whether I am there or not.

I hope we can remain friends and I may well visit you from time to time, but for now it would be best not to renew our vows.

I do wish you happiness and success; you deserve it.


  • Brilliant! But anyone who compares the act of football supporting to a love affair must be a deluded fool. A fool I say. And for that, I salute you.


  • Lovely story I feel the same but after over 50 years supporting I’m sorry but I can’t leave you, have been here many times, things will get better I promise


  • For paying £20 a match and still no Improvements In the style we play month after month,we get more of the same. .
    Not much communication between the owner and fans.
    No manager.
    An entrepreneur,Trainer, and a cast off villa boss
    This all adds up to a right old mess.
    Our players get bumped off the ball easy in this division and bad defensive decisions like passing the ball back in tight areas around the goal mouth and not going forward enough all leads to own goals or getting caught out with over the top’s.
    When the ball goes out of play when we are one,two or three down,the players stroll over to get the ball back Into play especially corners.This wastes our own time and I do not think the players hearts are In the game.
    Swindon town as a football team shows no passion or urgency .
    It is like watching walking football with swindon and I am sure the over 60s could keep up with them.
    Now these players are so called professionals. How many shots go over the bar or ball overpassing.
    Vigaroux Is about the only Professional at Swindon.
    It does make you wonder how much practice they get.
    Swindon town Football club need a new direction and they will not find It with the present management.


  • For that reason ,next season “I’m Out”


  • Im sorry but that was the end of me last year all the fun and enjoyment had been wrung out of me once we go back to a proper football club i will return but i will have to support from afar and as for the stewards nothing more than powers gestapo


  • Brilliantly written. I’ve been in a long term relationship too – since the old fourth division in 1985. This has been my first season of not renewing my ‘vows’. I felt the price of the commitment was too high, and it became a very one sided relationship. I hate shopping, but even that seems better sometimes by about 3.30 on a Saturday.


  • I’ve followed STFC since 1968 and been through thick & thin .. Watching the team when nearly bottom of the old League Division 4 and celebrating at Wembley.. My grandfather and father have followed Town and my own son and grandson have followed suit but 5 generations of Town loyalty are seriously threatened by the couldn’t care less attitude shown by ballet dancers of players and a totally clueless ‘Head Coach’ aided and abetted by a young lad who appears to be on work experience (Ross someone or other) please Mr Power.. Save our Club by appointing a proper manager instead of a character who appears to have stepped out a ‘Where’s Wally’ comic. We need physical players who can tackle , can shoot when near goal and don’t keep passing the ball backwards… Save Our Swindon!


  • Exactly how I feel. Over £750 for season tickets and it’s just not been enjoyable for so long, with the same in store for next season.


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