Vic Morgan: Dear Father Christmas

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

A very happy Christmas. Obviously a red and white one, what else would it be?

I guess it’s that time when we all have a little wish about this and that and hope that the big man in the red and white suit delivers.

As Swindon fans we’ve been waiting a little while for something special to arrive. While it won’t be in time for Christmas, the New Year may bring us a few gifts that will turn our team from struggling to comfortable.

I know, it’s all down to that transfer window which opens just as the temperature reaches it’s coldest. Always seems a daft thing to do open something which will let a draught in, but hopefully things will warm up in the second half of the season.

Let’s face it the first months of the campaign have been pretty disappointing. Some dreadful performances mixed up with one or two decent ones. It’s fair to say that most supporters will want to forget this past twenty odd games.

Low points like Scunthorpe, Rochdale, Sheffield United and Eastleigh, seem to have been all too common. While at times against Fleetwood things looked to be getting back on track it still wasn’t a great display.

What happens over the festive games will have a big bearing on the remainder of the season. The away trips to Millwall and MK Dons won’t be easy, nor will the visit of Southend. Still I’m ever hopeful we’ll get some points to help digest the Yuletide excesses.

What hopes have you for the New Year? My main concern is that we slip into that dreaded bottom four which, as we know, is very difficult to escape.

Nothing in the first half of the season has given me the confidence that we can move up the table. However the noises coming from the County Ground suggest that the powers that be know that major surgery is required.

How much will be done on the operating table remains to be seen. What is for sure is that experience is required in all outfield departments of the pitch. We seem to be adequately served in the goalkeeping positions. What we do need though is determined and dominating characters in defence, midfield and attack. The problem is, so does everyone else.

As we know money isn’t there to be thrown around, nor should it be. Financial stability is everything for a club like ours. We’ve been down the chuck cash at it route before and we know where that can lead.

As fans all we can do is wait. Just like over the next few days, you look forward and hope that what you want arrives. It’s going to like that in January.

As always I wish you seasons greetings and that you and yours have a lovely time. See you at Millwall on Boxing Day. Don’t forget those Christmas jumpers, we can all look daft together.

Happy Christmas!

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  • Thanks Vic – Yes, let’s hope the New Year’s ‘signings’ bring a bit more cheer than these last few months… I think we’ll survive.. but a place in the last 8 beckons I think.

    Safe travelling over the Festive season – & thanks for your reports of 2016




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