Vic Morgan: Blunted by the Blades

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

Things seemed okay about 3.50pm last Saturday afternoon. Swindon had managed to deal with most things the Sheffield United attack had thrown at them and deserved to be level at half time. Things then went from bad to worse.

Michael Doughty was replaced by Jermaine Hylton and suddenly the Town were swamped in midfield and down the flanks and the unravelling began.

There’ve been times this season when watching the Robins can be less than fulfilling. The second half at Bramall Lane was one of those occasions. Recent displays against Southend and Bradford City seemed to show that things were improving. Performances like at Rochdale, Scunthorpe and the like, were perhaps a thing of the past.

Defensively the team looked to be getting better. Well, all that was changed as we watched the home side rip Swindon apart time and again. Yes Sheffield United are one of the better teams in the division, but it’s difficult to see how Swindon fell away so badly.

Afterwards the discussion on the supporters bus was all about what would happen come the January transfer window. It appears that major surgery is required to get the season back on track. Of course what’s going on behind the scenes we’re not privy to, but the rumours were that signings were expected and some of the players on duty at Sheffield wouldn’t be around much after the festive period. Whether that’s the case, we shall see once that window opens.

One thing is for sure, many more performances like the second half at the weekend and the Town are in big trouble. Goals being leaked, the midfield outplayed and a lack of threat up front. It doesn’t make for a potent mixture at the moment. I’m not being overly negative, I’m being realistic. The table never lies, we’re in danger of slipping into the relegation zone again and a dogfight in the second half of the campaign.

I suppose if you were looking at a fixture unlikely to pull the crowds in just before Christmas, it would be Fleetwood.

With all due respect, the away team won’t bring many supporters and maybe the appeal of the shops might win out due to our current form. The club has moved to try to counteract that by charging five pounds for any friend you might bring along. I hope there are lots of friends at the County Ground because a good atmosphere would no doubt lead to a better game. We shall see.

Fleetwood are a decent side and Swindon are desperate for a good result ahead of what is a tough set of Christmas figures. Let’s put the disappointment of Sheffield United to one side and, if you’re going on Saturday, get behind the team. I hate losing as much as anyone and I hate seeing the side struggle. I’m as angry as anybody else about the present plight, but I’m also a realist. It is what it is until things change. I’ll be there though hope you are too.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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