Managing Despair

The season of goodwill may be in full flow, especially in the Swindon Town defence, but in the fourth of a series of five posts this week, Adam Tanner examines why the spirit around The County Ground is more befitting of the January blues…

Luke Williams does not give the impression of being an inspiring leader, and the stats support this. His best run of form came in January and February, in the immediate aftermath of Martin Ling’s departure.

Since early March, we have won 9 out of 40 games. If we were to win 9 of the next 40, I dread to think where that might leave us. His impassive manner, both on the touchline and during interviews, doesn’t help his cause.

I cannot accept the line that he’s “a coach not a manager”.

Coaching, in any sport, is by no means confined to developing technical ability. Mental, psychological and physical attributes should fall under his wing… and the team severely lacks them all. In any case, several of our technical tendencies are not reflective of an outstanding coach.

Although many clubs, from Chelsea to Newport County, have experienced rapid recent improvements under a new manager, it’s difficult to conclude that the arrival of our rather low key Director of Football, Tim Sherwood, has had any positive impact at Swindon.

Of course, nobody really knows what he does and doesn’t do, and until there’s any real evidence of a positive impact, a cynical suspicion of “Jobs for the Boys” is difficult to overlook.

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One comment

  • It is about time we had a campaign to get Sherwood to speak to the fans via the media. It is cruel making WILLIAMS take all the flack


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