Test your Town knowledge with our new quiz walls – Part 2

They’re back! Find the Swindon Town-connected facts, dates and names to depress/impress you and your friends. There are five more tough puzzles to test you. By Alex Cooke

Ahead of the FA Cup tie with Eastleigh, we’ve again put together a series of quiz walls, much like those in BBC Four virgin-off Only Connect. If you know how to play you can get on with them now, or read how to play below. They get harder as they go, just like the players whose name they bear.

How to play

Sort 16 clues into connected groups of four, inside three minutes. Then tell us how they are connected.

Each group of four will have a link between them. It might be obvious, it might be obscure. It won’t be that they all played for Town, but it might be that they were signed by Danny Wilson (Clue: It isn’t).

When you’ve guessed a correct group they will be highlighted and move up the screen. Once you’ve completed two groups, you will only have three more guesses to get the final two groups right.

When you’ve got all four groups, the clock will stop and you will be asked to type in what connects them. Don’t worry about a long answer, just a few words should do. I say should. This stuff isn’t easy.

If you’d like to make your own walls, you can add them to the Comments section below for other people to test themselves? It’s that or read that Facebook group again.

If you missed the original six walls, why not give them a go now? If you did, there is now even an extra one, created by Philip Rees.

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