Vic Morgan: Saddled with the Iron

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

Just when you thought the season had hit a new low last weekend with the defeat by Walsall, there’s the prospect of a long journey to league leaders to come on Saturday.

Total disappointment is the way I can describe my feelings after the loss to the Saddlers. The win over Rochdale a few days before had raised expectations that the season was back on track. But, you know what hope does? Yes that’s right a small amount of hope kills and that’s the feeling driving home after the Walsall game.

One aspect of late has been the lack of atmosphere at Town home games. It’s not to be wondered at really is it? How many moments of excitement were there? How many times did you feel like jumping out of your seat? No, that’s right not many.

So what was the difference between Rochdale and Walsall? I don’t know about you but I felt we were much more direct against the ‘Dale and back to slow and ponderous against the Saddlers. I’m all for good passing football, but surely there’s room for that and a quicker form of the game as well. It’s hard to get excited when nothing much is happening.

The highlight of the match was undoubtedly the performance of Walsall winger Erhun Oztumer who was simply outstanding. Much as I admire a great display by a member of the opposition, I’d much rather celebrate one from my own team.

To be fair I thought Anton Rodgers deserved his man of the match award. Gosh I can hear the remarks from here. I’ve never been one to pick on a particular player to blame even if he puts on a bad display. Sometimes you can see the confidence drain from a player when the crowd starts to get on his back. It shouldn’t happen, I thought Saturday Rodgers played well. Let’s give him a break.

After a week pondering our collapse against the Saddlers, it’s now time to think about this weekend against the Iron.

It doesn’t take long to remember the horror show of last Easter at Glanford Park. A six nil trashing and a totally awful day. This time round we go to a Scunthorpe side top of the table and flying.


Good time to play them or bad? Well, we have to get over last Saturday and last season’s debacle. Can we? Of course, nothing is predictable in football although some would argue that this game is a definite home banker. I’m travelling with that hope thing, that maybe we’ll spring a surprise.

We, as fans, need a boost, there’s no doubt about that. There’s a feeling of negativity about at the moment which isn’t surprising. As for the calls for the owner to quit? All well and good as long as you know a new one ready to take over. Can’t see too many of them queuing up though can you?

Right that’s enough of the down side, let’s be positive. Here’s to a Town win and a smile returning on the journey back from Scunthorpe on Saturday night. At least we get an extra hour in bed when the clocks go back to recover.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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  • Thanks Vic… pity I’m unable to get to the match today despite living north of the River ‘ull… Well, we cant get much worse than last Easter surely so most people will be expecting a heavy loss… maybe, just maybe there’ll be a surprise!! top against bottom matches often turn the form book upside down!.. anyhow, let’s hope & not give our young team too much stick in the process…well done Anton!


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