Vic Morgan: A long winter ahead?

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan writes his weekly blog…

Another defeat for Swindon Town and a feeling of where do we go from here?

The loss against Bolton last Saturday seems to have been the season’s low point. An own goal giving the Trotters the points and the dismissal of Rafa Rossi-Branco means a dearth of available central defenders for this weekend’s trip to Kingstonian and a match up with AFC Wimbledon.

As I mentioned last week, I missed the Bolton game because I was involved in a football tournament in Portugal. By all accounts I didn’t miss much.


Vic’s team are runners up in Portugal

I was kept up to date with texts from my good friend Rob Hartley, a fan of many years standing who hasn’t missed a Town match since the penultimate game of the 1985/86 season. I know for Rob, and many like him, these are worrying times. What he and the rest of us need is a decent performance and a win. Come to think of it a win would do, not so bothered by the performance.

I’d be delighted if that came on Saturday against the Dons, who’ve created a little bit of history by reaching a league position higher than MK Dons the side who were once Wimbledon before their controversial move to Milton Keynes.

Will we get it? Why not? Away wins seem to be in vogue, certainly we’ve seen enough at the County Ground recently to last a season or two. I’d say it’s time for this team to show it’s mettle and start getting the results we all want.

This week has seen much publicity with how we deal with mental health in the country. One article you may have noticed was on former Town player and manager Martin Ling.

Lingy, hugely popular at the club and with the fans, stepped down around Christmas last season after a recurrence of the troubles that brought to an end his time in charge of Torquay. In the article, published in the Daily Mail Online, Lingy opened his heart to talk of the demons which forced him to leave what was, I’m sure, a dream job. He’s been brutally frank about what he’s been through and the treatment he’s received. There won’t be a Town, or football fan, who doesn’t wish him well. Be great to see him back in the game soon.

A final word on that football tournament I mentioned earlier and last week. The team I played for reached the final after penalty shoot out wins in the quarters and semis.

It meant another meeting with Brian “killer” Kilcline. Just like the first time, Brian’s team prevailed to take the trophy. It was great fun though and Walking Football is becoming hugely popular among those of us of a certain age. If you’re over 50 and still want to play the game, seek out your local club. There are more and more of them every week.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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