Vic Morgan: Rovers to return

Former BBC Wiltshire match commentator Vic Morgan returns for the 2016/17 season…

First of all let’s turn to the events of last Saturday…

Having worked an early morning shift in Plymouth, it was a case of catching a train from Tiverton Parkway to makes sure of seeing the local derby with Bristol Rovers. The taxi from Swindon station arrived at the County Ground nine minutes after kick off and we finally took our seats as the rain began to fall.

It was a sticky, crackling atmosphere and indeed the same could be said inside the ground. We’d already struck the woodwork apparently and what we were seeing was a full blooded contest between two old rivals.

I’ve no need to tell you what happened next. The heavens opened and the dark, foreboding sky lit up with all sorts of electrical charges. It was, to use a well used phrase, almost biblical. As the water fell in gallons, the pitch began to flood and the obvious happened.

photo (1)

An hour in the game was abandoned in conditions few of us have ever seen. There was some booing when the announcement was made but in, all honesty, there seemed to be little choice.

What it must have been like on the Stratton Bank I can only imagine. Suffice it to say there were many drenched Rovers fans on the train travelling back to the South West.

There was also much discussion about what might happen when the game was replayed. It was even suggested that the game was called off after an hour so that the fans could be charged again for the rematch. Obviously details of what would happen were still to be sorted but fans had been asked to hold on to their ticket stubs so it seemed likely some reduction might be offered.

Then came the midweek social media storm.

As a season ticket holder, I was happy with the news that we wouldn’t have to pay on September the 20th when the rescheduled game takes place. However the announcement that everybody else would have to pay full whack didn’t seem quite so fair.

Now I have no idea how much it’ll cost to re-stage the game. Police costs will have to be taken into account and there’ll be staff costs too. That said, the club could have scored massively with a reduction to those who could prove purchase of a ticket to the original game. I have to say I’d happily have coughed up the same amount for the game if it meant this was possible.

The decision has now been made and no more statements will be offered from Swindon Town. I just wonder what will happen if the game at Rovers later in the season has problems? Maybe we should start saving up now. I say this as a fan and I also understand there’s no right or wrong way of dealing with this sort of situation.

I do have sympathy with those soaking wet Rovers fans who may feel aggrieved at the way it’s been handled and with those Town fans who’ll be asked to pay the full amount again.

The transfer widow has shut again, thank goodness. Speculation runs rife as we get closer to that moment when Jim White declares business over. It just seems to me that 30 million pounds seems to be an average price these days for an average player.

It financial madness of epidemic proportions. Can we concentrate on real football now please?

An early start for the lunch time kick off at Peterborough. A fixture that only guarantees one thing, the unexpected. Should be good. Hope so, it means a five AM start!

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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