26 Years Ago: The Saga of Swindon Town

Mike Cunningham’s poem reflects the culmination of events 26 years ago as the Wembley dream was short lived…
They started out in ’85 down in Division Four
Managed by a Scottish chap whose mother was a bore
But little Lou was cunning then and paid ten bob for Bamber
What David got we’re not quite sure but up the town did clamber
Louie then bought Calderwood, another cut price winner
Super Col got lots of dosh, and Mansfield got a dinner
Then goal machine flash Gordon came, and Swindon started winning
Thirty games until they lost and Lou Macari grinning
His happiness was absolute, his chairman thought it vital
One hundred points a record and Fourth Division title
Assuredly they’d had a bet – for which they could be banned
But big fat Bri & little Lou had won several grand
The season next Division Three, and one or two new faces
Like Phillip King and Martin Ling who soon moved to new places
McLoughlin came and Chalky White and Digby was the ‘keeper,
Tim Parkin too, a big tall bloke who acted as a sweeper
A marvellous year was had by all, the FA cup excepted
5-0 reverse at Newcastle, which wasn’t quite expected
Still little Lou and big fat Bri had spoken to the gods
And found a small insurance group which even offered odds
The play offs came and Wigan went defeated three to two
Then, Gillingham, an extra game, and Chalky put us through
Up they went, Division Two, but could they share the spoils
Yes they could if all they’d face was crappy Reading Royals
And so the game, and Reading came, and Swindon had a bad day
The Moonrakers were terrible, but held the Blues at bay
Kamara twice, Tim Parkin once and even good old Quinn
Who scored again at Reading’s ground to make a double win
Eleventh place was all Town got, which didn’t suit our Lou
He’d had a bet that Swindon Town would win Division Two
To make it up, the facts were plain for every one to see
Those really rugged Reading Royals were in Division Three
The coming year and mighty Quinn really hit his peak
With, Bradford, Hull and Shrewsbury he scored five in a week
Steve Foley playing really well had all on the racks
Although it seems a shame that Steve had not declared his tax
Sixth place confirmed and once again play offs for Swindon Town
Whilst in Division Three Reading were almost going down
Crystal Palace saw Town off 2-1
Lou went off to Upton Park, his Swindon job was done
Ossie came and Swindon Town began to change their game
Ardiles had seen Pele play and wanted more the same
The scandal broke, the Tax man came, the Football League as well
And little Lou and big fat Bri were looking at a cell
Swindon Samba Army played the most delightful soccer
While Reading Royals Martin Hicks played like a crippled Docker
Town finished fourth on 74, the play offs once again
They hammered Blackburn four to two and Swindon went insane
Wembley, and Robins ruled defeating those from Roker
But this is where the twist occurs a really rotten choker
Division One was here at last, and nobody could see
The Football League about to place Town in Division Three
Big fat Bri and little Lou had gone some time ago
The legacy they’d left behind was just about to grow
Division Three the Town complained, and Reading fans just laughed
However, those more sensible condemned the league as daft
First the High Court then F.A. were asked to hear the plea
And Swindon Town fans raised the cash to pay the F.A. fee
Decision was that Swindon Town should play Division Two
But was that really good enough, should poor old Robins sue
They didn’t sue, the verdict stood, and justice had been done
And any way next year should see them in Division one
The appeals commissions outcome was not what they were dreading
But having to lower themselves as far as rotten bloody Reading

One comment

  • Although it says it’s my poem, It was recently given to me by a Reading fan who can’t recall its origins. Mike C


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