Q&A with Simon Ferry

In the latest of Steven Fyfe’s Q&As, former Town midfielder Simon Ferry was kind enough to discuss at length his time at the County Ground, including some memorable moments at Wembley and under Paolo Di Canio…

This week I had the chance to catch up with a man who in four years experienced just about everything possible at SN1. 175 games and nine goals later, Simon Ferry was a huge fan favourite that the fans were gutted to lose in 2013.

Hi Simon, thanks for taking the time to speak to me. How do you remember your time at Town?

“I loved my time at Swindon. It was the best of my career from the start to the finish. One of the best times of my life with my first kid being born at them at time.”

“Everyone was so nice to me and my family from the staff over the years to the fans.”

“I played in some good teams with great boys and can always remember it being a laugh.”

You were a part of two failed Wembley appearances (vs Millwall and Chesterfield) and the playoffs v Brentford. What are your memories of these?

“Yea, the play offs were a pain in the arse for us, we had done so well to beat Charlton over two legs in the semis. The night at the valley was brilliant. In the final it was a rubbish game Charlie had the bobble and they scored from a corner. Probably the only two things that happened in the whole game.”

“The Brentford game I got to see plenty of because I was standing right out on the right wing not getting a touch. The first leg was a bit boring to be honest, 1-1 I think it was but the 2nd leg more than made up for it.”

“Looking back, I wish the 5th penalty never got put on young Miles [Storey] as I’m not too sure he really wanted to take it.”

“I really think if we had got through that semi we would have beat Yeovil and gone up.”

What was it like working with Paolo Di Canio?

“Haha, words couldn’t do it justice.”

“It was mad but I really enjoyed it. There was always something going on every day and he had an infectious personality and made me laugh without meaning it.”

“At first he bombed me, but once I realised I had to lose a bit of weight and start running about we got on.”

“Tactically he is the best I’ve come across and made me the best I’ve been.”

It was said you were close to leaving soon after Di Canio came in, was this true?

“As I’ve explained before he told me I could go but when the season started we were getting tonked every week so he had no option but to try the “fat lad” as he called me. We started to play better and nothing was mentioned about it again.”

You gained a lot of respect with the way you forced your way back into the squad and became influential, what were your highlight(s) during your time at Town.

“Highlights were meeting some great people. The football was good but it was outside of it I probably enjoyed the most.”

Who were the best player(s) you played with during Swindon days?

“Best players I played with would have to be [Jonathan] Douglas, [Charlie] Austin, [Paul] Caddis and [Matt] Ritchie. There were a lot of good ones but there the four that were tip top.”

“Charlie scores goals no matter who he plays for. Matty’s left foot goals and delivery are top class. Douglas could do everything for a centre midfielder and the game is sooooo easy for wee Caddis”

You left us for Pompey, was it sad for you to leave?

“Yea it was sad, I probably should never have left, but when the new board came and Di Canio went all the Spurs boys came in and I was right midfield. Being the slowest winger ever and I knew it was probably gonna be the end for me.”

Si FerryIf memory serves you had your first child while with us and I believe you have a second now – how are the kids and Steph doing?

“Yes, the kid Frankie was born in Glasgow but he spent first couple of years in Swindon and was a regular in Mckenzie’s and The Spot. He still speaks about Swindon and he’s desperate to get down to a game.”

“We are all fine. I’ve got them paper rounds and they pay digs.”

What are you up to these days? I believe you left Dundee for Peterhead?

“Yea I’m up at Peterhead. My old youth team manager takes them and since I left Swindon due to injuries and other things I just haven’t enjoyed football the way I used too.”

“When I left Dundee I just wanted to go back to enjoying it instead of all the pish that comes with full time football.”

“I’ve loved it we are up to 2nd in the league and it’s a great set of boys.”

I would like to thank Simon for taking the time to answer my questions and I think he should definitely get Frankie down the County Ground to watch a game, if he brings his boots he’d probably get a game right now (Simon and Frankie J).

Also congrats to Simon and his team mates on reaching the final of the Petrofac Cup. Sadly they lost to ex-teammate Wes Foderingham’s Rangers as more ex Town players went to Hampden following De Vita for Ross County earlier this season.

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