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Well just when you think the season is drifting to a miserable anti climax, something happens which makes it even more depressing.

“Laughing gas-gate” is in the national media and our football club is well, a bit of a laugh. Had recent results been good then this incident would have been passed off as a bit of high jinx involving young men having a bit of fun.

Sadly though, there’s still some serious work to do, looking at the league table. Maybe the season isn’t over and points are still precious.

I’m not going to take the moral hIgh ground over this, after all those among us who’ve never done anything a bit daft when we were young put your hands up. No? Didn’t think so. What is more than annoying is that Swindon Town are struggling for anything like a decent result at the moment and doesn’t need publicity like this.

Hopefully those involved will learn that letting anything resembling a camera anywhere near you when you might be doing something  bit silly is downright stupid.

Personally I’ve never used laughing gas, don’t think it was invented when I was young, but there’ve been times when I might have embarrassed myself. Thank goodness there weren’t mobile phones with cameras about then. In any case nobody would have been interested. Let’s hope this all goes away pretty soon and everyone will just learn whatever lessons need be learned.

Back to the football because that’s what we really care about isn’t it? Last Saturday against Fleetwood had a bit of the Billy Smart’s circus about it didn’t it ? There were amazing near misses and impossible things like hitting the crossbar from a yard out. Defying the natural laws of geography.

In truth the first half was poor, the second richly entertaining and nobody will forget that triple or was it quadruple Fleetwood miss. A word too for the ninety eight members of the Cod Army. Bless ’em. True fans and they made a noise too.

Tuesday night at Oldham was almost summer like. Well that’s a slight exaggeration. However it was rather balmy for a part of the world that’s normally like the Arctic in the middle of August. A new stand adorns one side of Boundary Park, rather similar to the main stand at the aforementioned Fleetwood.

The welcome by the stewards and catering staff was also warm. A cheery smile goes a long way when you’ve travelled the length of the country to see your team, it really makes a difference. The game itself wasn’t brilliant although not as bad as some recent Town displays.

The effort was there and to be fair there weren’t too many grumbles among the Swindon faithful. It was, I guess, a pretty regulation away defeat. Trouble is there appear to be too many of those at the moment.

Most peoples’ view was that it wasn’t as bad as Scunthorpe as that appears to be our new benchmark. I know, depressing isn’t it. As was arriving home at three in the morning. Ah well the price you pay for being a long distance fan.

I think it’s fair to say we all need a pick me up. A win at Bradford would do that. I hope the team can put this week behind them and get back to what we want. A winning Swindon Town.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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