Flattened by the Iron…

Former BBC Wiltshire commentator Vic Morgan writes his latest blog for TheWashbag.com…

Some weeks are pretty bad for Swindon Town fans, then there’s this week! Ten goals conceded, only one scored, pretty poor by any standards.

Okay the Wigan defeat came against a side that looks a sure bet for promotion. A team, quite frankly, too good for League One which included Championship and Premier League players. To be fair if it wasn’t for a three goal burst just after half time, the Town weren’t embarrassed.

I couldn’t quite understand why some fans decided to leave as soon as the fourth goal went in. There was still forty minutes to go and it’s at times like that when a team needs your support. A heavy defeat then, but not humiliation and I couldn’t feel too disappointed.

Then came Easter Monday! Oh dear oh dear.

With all due respect, Scunthorpe isn’t the most desirable place to go on a bank holiday. An early start and a long journey. Still surely the Town wouldn’t suffer a bit of a bashing again would they?

Missing several key players, including the suspended skipper Nathan Thompson, Swindon had a threadbare look about them. Even so there ought to have been enough in a team with some experienced campaigners to give the Iron a game.

Well that’s what we thought and how wrong we were. Quite simply we were abysmal. Two down at the break and looking shell shocked, the second half was dreadful. In a season which we’ve seen one or two awful displays, this was the worst.

2016.03.28 Scunthorpe Utd

It can’t be covered up, it was one of the most appalling performances I’ve seen from a Town team in many a long year. Defensively we were all over the place. Players who’ve been among the most reliable this term were simply blown away. Not by Scunthorpe’s brilliance but by a display devoid of character, direction and anything else you can mention.

Fair play to those who made their way to the Town fans at the end of the game and held their hands up but there were some who disappeared straight down the tunnel. It was awful and one of those days you don’t know whether to laugh or cry and the were plenty of occasions you could do both.

Awful then, but hopefully something we won’t see again this term. Surely there would have been much work on the defensive side of things in the days since the Glanford Park debacle. Nobody minds being beaten by a team that’s too good. It’s hard to stomach when the opposition aren’t that great. Again all respect to Scunthorpe.

This weekend Fleetwood come to Town. Ah yes another low point, remember that five one thrashing? So here’s what we want to see on Saturday. A determined and fighting display from our team, nothing else will do.

I’ll support Swindon Town whatever, but maybe after Monday the fans need some payback.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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  • Nigel Branscombe

    I just think the club hasn’t the right blend of experience and youth and whilst we have great pace and nice touches, it’s not the joined up article as of yet. My concern is the damage these heavy defeats are having on our young players / it really is a fine balance.


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