Wrecking Crewe (Again)

Former BBC Wiltshire commentator Vic Morgan writes his latest blog for TheWashbag.com…

Gosh what a couple of home games. If anyone can remember two matches at the County Ground like we’ve experienced in the past fortnight, please enlighten me. Following on from the near escape against Southend, even more dramatic happenings occurred against Crewe.

The one question that has to be asked though, is why do we have to go behind before we start to play? There’s been talk of negativity in the crowd and that it’s not helping the team. Well it appears that it may have the opposite effect.

Okay shoot me down for saying it but the jeers reach the ears and then they get turned to cheers…m’dears. It’s terrible poetry I know, but I hope you get the meaning. I’m not someone who likes to hear abuse from the terraces no matter who it’s aimed at. However football is a two way street.

There’s no doubt the early stages which saw Swindon at sixes and sevens quite frankly, led to a lot of frustration. What the crowd wants to see is the team doing well and playing at their best. That’s not always possible I know and maybe the reaction is because no one wants to see our team fail. Anyway let’s hope now we have the managerial situation sorted for the rest of the season we can get a consistency to our play.

As for the new appointment? It’s not a shock is it? Obviously I wish Luke Williams well. It might be too much to ask if he could emulate another Williams who occupied the Swindon hot seat. Danny, the legendary, Williams led the Town to promotion and League Cup success. Fingers crossed.

It’s a return to Bramall Lane  on Saturday. Our last visit there on General Election Day proved memorable indeed. It was of course the first leg of the play off semi final. A slender one goal lead taken back to the County Ground led to that magnificent second match.

You’ll remember it well. Five all wasn’t it! I kind of lost count. That game is the best I’ve ever seen in nearly fifty years of watching Swindon Town. To be honest a single goal win would do against Sheffield United at the weekend to continue our recent form. Despite winning more than we’ve lost in recent weeks, we’re still below half way. It would be nice to move into higher territory.

Just a word on the move of Charlie Austin to Southampton. Most Town fans who were at St.Mary’s that memorable night when Swindon got the win over the Saints on the way to an eventual play off final, will remember Charlie’s goal. A sublime finish by a top class goalscorer. The best natural finisher I’ve ever seen. Still time for the Euro’s Charlie.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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