9 things we learnt from Swindon 4-3 Crewe

BOO and emboldened Boo-ers dominate Alex Cooke’s list of the lessons to be taken from this weekend’s win, plus Nathan’s notes and Bakayogo’s bad record

1. Mind-altering short corners
This might be as fashionable as jeggings for the over 60s but Town are currently using some innovative corner routines. Early in the first half Yaser Kasim and Fabien Robert came up with two short corners moments apart which must have caused a few doubters to wonder if getting it in ‘the mixer’ isn’t the only way. The first, began with a chip from Kasim and ended in Robert forcing a fingertip from Crewe’s ‘keeper, the second saw Jon Obika head a Brandon Ormonde Ottewill cross fractionally wide.

2. BOO is looking like the real deal
After a slightly tentative start, Ormonde Ottewill is displaying much of the talent we’d expect from an Arsenal youthproduct. We all saw his extraordinary acceleration and an ability to deliver very good crosses into the box in his early games but now with a dash of confidence, he is using those skills to great ends. His ability to stop with the ball, slowing the play, before drawing his marker before accelerating away has shades of Nathan Byrne.

3. The Boo-boys are getting bolder
After last week’s win over Southend, those who are booing the team during the match seem to now actually feel like they are helping the team. I heard one fan during half-time explaining the logic to another: He claimed that because Town won after he booed the taking of short goal kicks, and so he had changed the outcome of the game. Therefore the fact he booed for most of the first 45 minutes was helping the team.

4. It isn’t just short passes which lead to goals
Crewe’s first goal came as a direct result of a Lawrence Vigouroux long goal-kick. Since the ball wasn’t won, it was headed straight back towards the Town defence. From there, Jordan Turnbull made his error which ultimately resulted in the first Crewe goal. Perhaps the system isn’t entirely to blame?

5. Williams wants the job, sort of
If in previous weeks Luke Williams seemed unsure if he really wanted the manager’s job, this week he sounds resigned to taking it. In the past, he has always demurred about wanting to take over after Martin Ling’s departure, just as he did after Mark Cooper’s. Now he seems to be expecting Lee Power to offer the job to him: “I’m not sure that you ever feel ready for your first job but, like I have said before, I have got total confidence in the chairman and if the chairman believes I am the right person for the club at this moment, then I will do my best every single day”, he said.

6. Williams isn’t afraid
Last week in his post-match interview Williams chose to defend the way the team play, this week he did the same for Anton Rodgers, and in fairly robust terms. This is noticeably in contrast to Mark Cooper, who clearly didn’t believe in Town’s dictated style but was also rarely so emotional or so eloquent in the defence of any individual. Since we are told that Williams is a ‘Yes’ man, he clearly has some spine to say ‘no’ the the likes of the boo-boys.

7. The wrath of Nath
Talking of spine, Nathan Thompson has displayed the same strength that he shows on the pitch. His strongly worded complaint in the programme about the negativity of some supporters seems to have annoyed a few, and rightly so. They deserve annoying. It is good to have a captain with a mind of their own, and it almost makes the programme worth buying. Almost.

8. Zoumana Bakayogo never wins against Swindon
Not just a hat-tip to Rich Pullen for this one but a full doffing. Crewe’s Zoumana Bakayogo has faced Town seven times for three clubs (Crewe, Tranmere and Millwall) but has lost every single encounter. What is more, there have been some pretty hefty defeats in there too, including one 5-0 and a 4-1. Can we play him every week?

9. A Kasim, Traore and Rodgers midfield can work
Well, when I say work, it did work in the second half, and Crewe made it easy. When Drissa Traore had dropped in between the two centre backs to provide cover against Crewe’s counter attacks. After that, they hardly got a shot away. And it allowed Kasim to join Robert, supporting the strikers and playing some delightful through-balls and getting in a number of good shots. And that includes the one which Nicky Ajose turned home.

And one thing we haven’t learnt
Our defence isn’t very good. We kind of knew that from last week. And the week before. And the week before that…

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