The downs and the ups

Former BBC Wiltshire commentator Vic Morgan writes his latest blog for…

What a strange week! From the downright misery of Fleetwood to the sheer relief of Tuesday’s home win over Walsall.

There’s no doubt that Saturday’s visit to the Fylde coast was one of the most miserable away trips for many a long day. We’d thought we’d seen a low point at Millwall earlier in the season but this was even worse.

After the recent win over Scunthorpe there was a feeling that the Town’s season may have turned the corner. My, how that feeling disappeared to the sound of the Captain Pugwash theme which greeted every Fleetwood goal. As much as I enjoyed that programme when I watched it as a youngster, the sound of that particular music began to get a little annoying with repetition.

It’s difficult to think of anything which made the day enjoyable. Even the Town’s goal came when the match was all but over. It was a long journey after an early start and a late arrival back in Devon. No let’s face it, a stinker is the best way to describe it.

So there wasn’t much optimism about on Tuesday evening. Walsall came to the County Ground flying high and their away form was impressive. Certainly before the game the area around the ground could hardly be described as bustling.

Very quiet is the phrase I would use. Sometimes though things turn out how you least expect them. There’s no doubt the inclusion of Louis Thompson was a massive plus. Louis was back to something like his best. To see a Thompson driving forward is a great sight for any Swindon fan.

Okay his legs may have become a little heavier in the second half, but there’s no doubt at his best he’s the heartbeat in the midfield. Fitting then that Louis should get the winner almost at the death. Okay Walsall had the majority of possession and some clear cut opportunities to have scored more goals. But hey, I can’t really care about that. It was three points and that really is all that matters. Having dropped back into the bottom four at the weekend, Swindon are now back out of that dreaded group.

Can they build on it at Chesterfield on Saturday?

Well of course they can. To be honest though I’d take a point now. The Town’s away form this season has been poor. Suspensions will also play a part, as will the injury situation. I’m thinking positively though. There can’t be another performance as poor as Fleetwood can there?

We had some luck Tuesday maybe that’s an omen. I’m not superstitious but I do think there are moments that can change a team’s fortunes. Maybe last weekend was the lowest we can go and maybe the win over Walsall signalled an improvement. Maybe, maybe not. I’m hoping for a better Saturday afternoon that’s for sure.

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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