Washbag Podcast 44 – Hello Again

Episode #44 of TheWashbag Swindon Town FC Podcast is now available to download or stream online…

Host Ron Smith is joined in the pub by Tom Bassam (Swindon Advertiser), Iain Watkins and Adam Tanner.

The three discuss Town’s miserable form, injuries, Mark Cooper’s future and general fan disheartenment with the club…

Get involved with the podcast, please submit your questions by emailing thewashbag[at]gmail[dot]com or tweet @thewashbag

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  • Hello The Washbag! Interesting podcast, as always. However, please don’t record them in a pub again – too much background noise! Thank you!


    • Hi, unfortunately we may be in the pub for a while yet until I get space sorted out in my new place to record without the family around! I’ll reduce the sensitivity on the mic again for the next podcast to see if that improves the sound quality by reducing the background noise.


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