Swindon Town vs Bradford City: Here We Go Again…

Help us to promote Town matches so we can fill the County Ground by printing out our posters to display at school, college, work etc 

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As some of you may be aware I (Brendan Hobbs) like to dabble in the world of graphic design. I enjoy nothing more than a good night in, with a bottle open and my headphones on whilst I endlessly dick about with the various graphic design packages that overcrowd my laptop.

I class myself as a low-rent amateur hobbyist, my output is wholly designed to amuse and entertain one person – and that’s me.

Sometimes I’m quite brave (or drunk) and ping stuff out on twitter in some vague attempt to impress others. I am also responsible for the graphics on this site and some of the early Trust STFC banners, membership cards etc. So in short, I try.

Last year, in some sort of confused response to the deafening silence coming out of the CG, I designed a few promotional match posters – inspired by the efforts made by Lewes FC. The feedback was mixed, sometimes it was warmly received and this ‘beauty’ even got me air-time on BBC Wiltshire Sound. However, sometimes it was not so good, like this one and I quote, ‘Not what we’d expect from a family club’. I did do a male version to avoid the sexism card but that didn’t fare much better.

I continued undeterred and I fired a few more out when I could be bothered.

This year, I felt the clubs outward communication hadn’t really improved, so I decided to do one for every home league game this season, I informed Ron (the Washbag editor) and Steve Mytton (TrustSTFC chair) of my plan, to be honest I did this whilst in a bit of a drunken fug, before I’d really thought about it – and then could obviously not back down.

I’ve already completed most of them, although I was a bit worried when Coops tenure was a bit ‘up in the air’ during pre-season, as he’s the cover star for two of them. I’ve recycled a couple from last year, sadly not the prostitute calling card though. Some of them are ok, some of them are a bit lame, but I amused myself and that’s the main thing.

Those familiar with my style with probably expect lots of stencilling and layered messy spray paint – basically just dirty, grimy, spattered affairs, so therefore I’ve attempted tried to mix it up a bit with some neat lines and clarity. Saying that, my first effort is quite typical of my normal output.

So here I present my Bantam effort, feel free to print off and put on notice boards, backs of cars etc. (But keep it legal people!) With this piece I tried to strike a sombre, yet uplifting, perhaps hopeful tone, not sure if I succeeded….. enjoy.

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