Lee Power is delivering on his promises to the media…

Trevor Whichello isn’t concerned by any media ban, as Lee Power is a chairman delivering on his promises…

When Andrew Fitton issued a statement expressing that our new manager would blow our socks off we all got very excited.  The press went to town with the story, we didn’t get a manager who blew our socks off when Danny Wilson arrived.

In the same year the same man stood in the middle of the County Ground pitch and declared that they would redevelop the stadium. They didn’t. But the press jumped on this with pictures of Preston’s Deepdale to gloss up the promises. In both examples the press weren’t to blame for the broken promises but, that information was released before it was even in its infancy and duly died.

Our need and desire to be spoon fed information from the club has lead us down many a disappointing dark avenue. Our need for 24/7 information in modern times is extraordinary. Once upon a time you’d read on a Friday that we’d bought or sold someone, or we were in administration (once again).

What we have now is a chairman in Lee Power, who has exacted his own rounds of austerity, while arguably delivering more on the pitch than the previous regime ever did.

We’ve finished in our highest league position since 2000; travelled to Wembley; and played some of the most exciting football in recent times. We’ve bought and loaned and produced players who now play in the Premier League, the Championship and on the international stage.

He is a chairman who, to date (to the best of my knowledge), hasn’t released one piece of media that hasn’t been fulfilled. A promise to make us sustainable and bring young talent – who can play to a very high standard of purists football – has been fulfilled. Still however, this isn’t good enough unless it’s accompanied by juicy extracts of dreams way above our station on a daily basis.

The Swindon Advertiser, FLIC Wiltshire and Total Sport will still have matchday access so what’s the problem?  Does anyone phone Morrisons in a daily basis asking them what they’re up to?  Swindon Town FC is a business owned by a man, and to my mind it’s his to do with as he pleases and currently what pleases him also pleases me.

We are customers and if we don’t like the product which ultimately is what’s on the pitch then we won’t pay to watch.  I find it incredible that the local rags have taken it upon themselves to drag Lee Power’s name through the dirt, because quite simply his current vision doesn’t suit them.  Sam, Dan and the rest.

I think the local rags need to accept that their desperation to report such things, like our interest in Jermaine Hylton, could potentially land us in hot water with an FA who seem hell bent on being awkward to anything STFC. Whether we approached that player in an incorrect manner is to be seen, but for sure the eagerness of the press for a scoop hasn’t helped.  And while great things like children tickets for £2 should be praised, written about and promoted by said media, instead they spend countless tweets slagging the club and for what? Their own selfish ends…

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  • “while great things like children tickets for £2 should be praised, written about and promoted by said media, instead they spend countless tweets slagging the club ”
    Erm, the local media did write about and promote the kids’ tickets. And I’ve yet to see a tweet “slagging the club” from “said media”, much less “countless”. Unless you mean you can’t count them because there weren’t any? 🙂


  • We’re in trouble with the FA because Redditch complained to them – and the Adver – not because the Adver published a piece.

    Ultimately it’s a game of opinions and I think where we differ is you believe it’s a good thing that the club is Power’s “to do with as he pleases” – and that the role of the media should be to applaud, not question whatever pleases Power.


  • I think you’ve made some valid points in the first half of your post. For example listing Lee Power’s achievements since taking over it’s easy to forget at the start of last season no one seriously thought we’d make the play-offs.

    The part I disagree with is your comparison between supermarkets and football clubs they are not similar in any way. There’s always going to be interest from fans and local media on how the local club is being run/stories etc it comes with the territory of owning a football club.


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