Swindon Town 2014/15 Review – Moments of the Season

In the third part of our 2014/15 season review, five writers give their verdict on their best moment, disappointment and strangest moments of the season…

David Squires @squires_david

Moment of the season – The home win against Bristol City in November set the tone for a great winter and instilled in the players and fans a belief that this could be our season. Nathan Thompson celebrating in front of the away fans in the Stratton Bank was possibly unnecessary and ill-advised, but it was also very, very funny.

Disappointment of the season – Franchise at home on Easter Saturday. There are a lot of football clubs I dislike, but MK Dons are the only ones whose very existence I refuse to accept. Add to that their odious manager and entitled fans and you have a recipe for a miserable Easter.

Strangest moment (of the season) – Living in Australia, lengthy explanations are often required when asked which football team I support. However, for a few weeks in January, Swindon Town were the talk of the Australian media, as Luongo and Kassim dominated at the Asian Cup. Town fans might be interested to know that their club is now known as “Massimo Luongo’s Swindon Town” in the antipodes and there are still regular editorials crying for him to be freed from his imprisonment in Wiltshire and be allowed to take up his rightful place as the lynchpin of the Real Madrid midfield.

Nick Judd @nickjudd78

Moment of the season – Final whistle after the 5-5. Relief.

Disappointment of the season – MK finishing second. Although in saying that, it means we’re not playing them at Wembley. Also, not learning from our mistakes at the back. Love the football when it works, excruciating when it doesn’t.

Strangest moment (of the season) – The negativity among our fans. It’s not a minority, there are a large number of fans who a) seem happiest when they’re unhappy or b) just won’t be tempted back to the county Ground. Why? Baffles me.

Iain Watkins @mightygwah

Moment of the season – Can’t decide between Smith’s goal against Bristol City or Yaser’s nutmeg and assist against Sheffield United.

Disappointment of the season – Besides the obvious, the fact that we, once again, failed to stay in any cup competition beyond mid-November.  Seriously, how have we not scored a goal in the FA Cup since Paul Benson’s against Wigan in 2012?

Strangest moment (of the season) – 11:15am on Sunday 3rd May.  When the teams were announced for the Leyton Orient game and it was revealed that Town’s number 30 was finally going to make his debut.

Jonny Leighfield @jonnyleighfield

Moment of the season – Luongo being named Asia Cup MVP was a huge moment not only for him but for Swindon as a club. It made us all so proud and showed that we play such a high standard of football that a player can go straight into their country’s side and feel like nothing has changed.

Disappointment of the season – Play off final. There may never be a greater disappointment in my opinion.

Strangest moment (of the season) – Again, the 5-5. It felt like a dream and took me days to accept that it had happened. Best game I’ve ever seen.

It’s been a fun season and one up to Wembley, that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Daniel Hunt @dphunt88

Moment of the season – This is a toss up between Michael Smith’s winner against Bristol City and Nathan Byrne’s long range winner at Bramall Lane? Both goals led to delirium in the stands but you could argue that Byrne’s goal was the more important of the two in the scheme of things – so Byrne nabs it again!

Disappointment of the season – Without doubt, our twin televised 0-3 defeats against MK Dons and Bristol City over Easter Weekend. The season was coming to a head beautifully but Swindon fluffed their lines in front of the nation and our realistic automatic promotion hopes came to an end at the same time.

Strangest moment (of the season) – Harry Agombar’s debut against Leyton Orient on the last day of the regular season – something smelt rotten about the whole thing! Hoping that’s the last remaining hangover we have to bear from the previous regime at Swindon Town. Lee Power’s done a marvellous job since acquiring full control of STFC and promotion to the Championship via the playoffs would be fitting confirmation of Swindon’s faith in young, hungry, talented players.

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