STFC’s Wembley Arch Enemy…

It’s Friday and only days until Wembley, so it must be time for the latest weekly review by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan…

Yes, you know the one, the big arch thing that towers over our national stadium. It’s been no friend of Swindon Town’s though has it?

Unlike the old twin towers Swindon have had no success at the revamped ground. Time to change all that. Time to banish the ghosts of Millwall and Chesterfield and time to show the footballing nation what this Town team can do.

Can you still visualise that Charlie Austin miss caused by the infamous bobble? Yes, so can I. Thankfully that wasn’t the end of the Swindon success story and we’ve enjoyed some decent times since.

For Charlie? Well an England call up is reward for being a consistent goalscorer at whatever level he plays at. Wish him well. He’s come a long way since taking his first Swindon steps in that JPT game at Exeter and a goal on his full league debut at Carlisle.

So how’s this going to pan out? The idea is that the Town’s cultured football will prosper on the wide open Wembley spaces.

It should do, shouldn’t it? As we know, Preston are a decent team and will be one of the toughest challenges of this long season. After that semi final against Sheffield United anything is possible. I’m not expecting such staggering excitement on Sunday but I’m hoping for a cracking game with a Swindon win. Not too much to ask for is it?

Sunday is going to be a long day for all of us. Plenty of nerves and no shortage of excitement.

Living in Devon, I’m a bit out of the build up to the match. In days gone by that would have been a bit frustrating. However with the wonders of the internet I can keep up to date with squad news etc.

I’m hoping we have a chance to get our best team out. It would also be great to see Louis Thompson feature in some way. After that shoulder injury picked up at Crewe it must have been a frustrating few months for Louis. After his move to Norwich and his subsequent loan back to us it was all systems go for the midfielder. Such is the game though that you can take nothing for granted.

As for his brother Nathan? We all want him to lead us out. My, how he deserves that.

So it’s almost here then. Now more than ever keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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