Minute-by-minute table: League 1

Detailed analysis of League One by the fantastic ‘experimental 3-6-1 blog’. In this review, Ben Mayhew has produced an animated minute-by-minute league table to identify clubs that performed well or poor at various points during matches compared to the remainder of the division. This approach is particularly useful to understand how performance during matches affected final league position.

Experimental 3-6-1

Following a successful trial earlier this season, I’ve produced an animated minute-by-minute league table for League 1.

The way it works is as follows:

  • Each graphic cycles through every club in descending order of their final league position (on an infinite loop with each frame lasting 2 seconds).
  • The line shows what the highlighted club’s league position would have been in an imaginary universe where every match in the division finished early, for each scenario from finishing after the 1st minute all the way through to the 90th (as per the scale at the top).
  • I’ve chopped the time up into 5 minute segments to make it easier to read, and for simplicity’s sake I’ve rolled all injury time into the 45th and 90th minutes.
  • This means that the last dot (under the 90) on each line is just each club’s normal league position, and the list of clubs on the right is in…

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