Bleep, Bleep, Amazing…

It’s Saturday, so it must be time for the latest weekly review by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan

What a result!

Just when you think it’s heading for deadlock turns out it’s more clear cut than that. After weeks and months to get to where we are, success could be just around the corner.

Yes I know there was an election on Thursday. That’s why I missed the trip to Bramhall Lane. So preparing for a programme about the events around the nation while keeping more than one eye on things in South Yorkshire presented a few problems.

However, I’m sure most people in Plymouth would have been alerted to the fact that Swindon scored the winner against Sheffield United. In fact my shout was so loud one of our engineers asked if I was okay. “Oh yes I am!”I replied.

Now I can’t wait for Monday. Safe in the knowledge I have the night off and I’ll be in my seat at our favourite place. The tie is just so delicately poised still.

The one thing that’s clear though is that this Swindon team is a dangerous animal once cornered. It doesn’t lay down and whimper it comes out snarling.

Even our achilles heal, the penalty kick, didn’t prove to be our undoing. I must admit when Ben Gladwin saw his effort saved I feared the worst. No chance, that only brought out the best.

A brilliant Sam Ricketts header and a wonderful individual Nathan Byrne goal took us, if not TO Wembley, certainly to thinking of a Sunday evening in the capital. Fabulous stuff.

Will now spend the next few months and years wishing I was at that game in Sheffield.

That followed Sunday’s incredible game against Leyton Orient. Who saw all that drama unfold?

When the team was announced there was much discussion about how many we might lose by. Oh those of us of little faith. We saw one of the most obvious “What happens next” scenarios. Goalkeeper sent off replaced by bother who’s first touch saves a penalty. Amazing.

Doubt if Cameron Belford will ever forget that. Another highlight from a brilliant season. It has been brilliant whatever happens now. The football has been of the highest order and we’ve seen young talent blossom into highly talented professionals.

There’s bound to be twists and turns ahead but that’s the play offs. Never though has this been more appropriate, keep it loud, keep it proud and on Monday night, keep it SWINDON!

Keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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