Swindon is bigger than the status of “Town”

Dear Washbaggery…

Is it time for the image of Swindon Football Club to move in this century?

It’s image as a town club does not meet the need to obtain major sponsorships and progress beyond a third tier club. The word ‘Swindon’ should be sufficient to name the club, much akin to Liverpool or Arsenal.

As for the Robin as the club’s mascot, it doesn’t conjure an image of a fearsome creature.

Using the origins of Swindon’s name, “Razorbacks” would project an aggressive image. Robins and wild boar have a close affinity, as the foraging of wild boar attracted robins who eat the disturbed insects. Robins would also eat parasites from the coats of boar and act as early warning of danger from predators.

I see that Axis (Australian company?) is now a major sponsor and wondering if a summer tour of Australia by the club would be beneficial to improve the image of the smaller British clubs.

Playing against A League sides would show the Australian public and press the extent to which their league needs to improve. It would give an opportunity for the club to scout for alternatives to the likes of Massimo Luongo. It would far cheaper for the club to find young brilliant talent and develop their potential.

Food for thought, Born and breed in Swindon, “Razor sharp”.

A Barnett


  • I was born in Swindon and have lived in Aus. for 50years. Your idea of a tour of Australia I would love it. Just be careful about it given that at present the A League teams are attracting clubs like Liverpool, Spurs, Villarreal(Spain) to tour here. Unfortunately Swindon are not in that league. Swindon would get swamped by the publicity for these other teams and for the rugby and Australian Rules Football played at that time of the year.
    I would accept criticism that I’m a traditionalist and behind the times, but I don’t like the idea of changing names or mascots. (Hull debacle). I once read it touted that we should become Swindon City. No thanks. To me they have always been and will always be the Town. They won’t be the Reds as some call them. They are the Town.


  • Swindon Town is older than the town of Swindon (its official recognition of a municipal place). When Swindon Town was formed, the two ‘towns’ of New Swindon and Swindon (known as Old Town) existed. The two teams from each place merged and took their names from New Swindon and Old Town. So the name has historical meaning. This is from my father’s mate who studied history of Town for books years ago. Not a lot of people know that!


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