A Weak Week…

It’sFriday, so it must be time for the latest weekly review by BBC Devon’s Vic Morgan.

Been a bit uninspiring this week, hasn’t it?

The trip to Crewe wasn’t too bad. After all a point away from home is always welcome. The game itself was memorable for a couple of sendings off and a referee who booked just about everybody in the ground.

Unfortunately the match also saw a nasty injury to Louis Thompson. One of the Town’s best players this season suffered a shoulder problem after falling awkwardly in the second half. Hopefully we’ll see him back before the end of the campaign.

As for the football on display? Well in the main it wasn’t great. I suppose earlier in the season Swindon would have done enough to grab the win but in truth a draw was just about right. At least the chippy was worth the wait.

I’ve always been impressed by Crewe’s Gresty Road ground. In a lot of ways it reminds me of the County Ground. I guess the very large main stand is reminiscent of the Arkells. The rest of it is rather bijou and compact. Decent and comfortable with delicious cheese, potato and onion pies.

Gresty Road Crewe 2015

So a goalless Saturday and a feeling of indifference really.

One thing that’s beginning to annoy me is the amount of midweek games at the moment. Because of work commitments, going to games on a Tuesday is difficult. I hate missing Town matches. It’s an evening of pacing around at work checking any source I can to keep tabs on the score.

Mind you by all accounts, missing the Gillingham game saved a lot of anguish…

It appears that our team is struggling at the moment. I can understand fans frustration when things aren’t going well. However there are several things to bear in mind. It’s been a great season and would you have accepted fourth place in League One had it been offered to you back in August?

Another is that’s a young team still learning the game. Many of these players haven’t been through a full league season. Maybe fatigue is setting in. Maybe it’s just a pure and simple lack of form. Who knows the real reason, but one things for sure nobody looses and plays badly on purpose.

Saturday sees the home game against Notts County. The first meeting between the sides saw a brilliant display by the Town who were at their very best. Some of the football was sublime and it’s arguably Swindon’s most complete display on the road this term.

Hopefully that’ll spur them on to a return to form.

Remember though, keep it loud keep it proud keep it SWINDON!

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