Booing versus Bradford: Why are Town fans so angry?

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Vote in our quick poll on the atmosphere for Swindon’s win on Tuesday night. Posted by Alex Cooke

Wes Foderingham was clearly unhappy with some in the County Ground crowd on Tuesday night, Nathan Thompson said something similar (but more diplomatically) in the programme the weekend before, even Andy Williams trod a similar line in interviews just prior to the Bradford game.

So what is going on in the crowd Swindon at the moment? Is it just frustration with the run of current results or something that runs deeper? Is there a widespread frustration with the team’s style of play or have people never really taken to manager Mark Cooper? And should the players be saying anything publically? Vote below and drop your opinon load at the bottom of the page.

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  • It can be nervous watching Wes and Nate passing about at the back. Haven’t had a problem with it because the results have been exceptional however as we were (hopefully) in a bit of a slump it’s understandable that a little bit of frustration has crept in. Fully believe that the vast majority of town fans are embracing this years style and long may it continue.


  • The only way we have ever been defeated this season, is by pressing the self destruct button. We have beaten ourselves. Being one goal up is never enough as its almost a guarantee that we will gift the opposition a chance even if they are bottom of the league. Tactics are sometimes blatantly wrong with the conitnued persistance of playing it around the back too much when the opposition are playing 442 in their own half. We continue to try and play through them the result being our strikers get not service. Lack of urgency is sometimes painfully apparent. A lot of the players have stopped comming over to the Don rogers to clap the fans. This season is so very important, with two swindon town owned players are wages too high for the club to afford (wes & Willo) five players who are pretty much regulars on loan to us and the rest of the swinodn town owned players being courted by other clubs i.e M Smith and Luongo, byrne. we could be starting from complete scratch next year. 3


  • There’s a bloke in the Town End spent all last season hammering Willo, this season he’s into Michael Smith, every pass, move or attempt he’s moaning! You can’t win with people like that.


  • It can be frustrating watching us sometimes and their goal was a direct result of not just clearing your lines. That said, we have a young and very talented team and need to take the rough with the smooth. I am happy with things at the moment. We really shouldn’t complain and I think Mark Cooper has done a terrific job.


  • The only reason that I would ever boo Town players is if I thought they weren’t trying and that is an accusation that could never be levelled at the current team.
    However, I did get frustrated at times last night because of our distribution from the back. There were times, especially in the 1st half, where Wes could easily have given the ball short to Nathan and chose to go long instead – however, at the beginning of the 2nd half, he went short to Nathan when it was blindingly obvious that it wasn’t on to do so and from which Bradford nearly scored.
    The decision making as to when to go short and when it really does need to go long (or even just into the stands) seems to be flawed at the moment.


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