League 1 update: 21st February 2015

Here Football League data analysis, visualisations and insight blog ‘Experimental 361’ provides their latest assessment of the domination, attacking effectiveness and defensive effectiveness for all 24 teams in League One. The charts compare the current data with each team’s positions at the end of 2014 so we can see how their fortunes have changed since the start of the year. The data shows Swindon Town’s attacking effectiveness has reduced and that Town remain vulnerable to the opposition scoring from their limited number of chances per game…

Experimental 3-6-1

I thought it was about time for another update to the attack and defence graphics for the four divisions below the Premier League, focusing here on League 1. For each division there are three graphics – the first shows overall dominance, the second attacking performance and the third defensive performance. All are based on shot data and give a high-level view of how each club is doing relative to the others, with the axes centred on the divisional average. You can click on a graphic to bring up a full-sized version in a new tab.

This time I’ve added in each club’s movement from their positions at the end of 2014 (the smaller dots), so we can see how their fortunes have changed since the start of the year.

Overall dominance

I’ll start with the extent to which each club dominates (or is dominated) in matches. In this first graphic, the average number of…

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